I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed the break with your families! I'm looking forward to seeing my school babies and hearing all about their adventures!

Our Donor's Choose project only has 1 month left. If we do not raise the needed funds to complete the project by December 23rd, we will lose all previously given funds (They will be given back to anyone who has donated, and we'll have to start the project over again.) Please help us spread the word about this worthwhile project for our classroom. The link is listed below.

Expeditionary Learning Curriculum
Module 1: Unit 2: Lessons 1-4
Grammar: pronoun-verb agreement
Vocabulary: prefixes
Fluency: accuracy
Spelling and Phonics: r-controlled vowels (ar, or, ore)
List A: horse, mark, acorn, dark, story, north, March, art, chore, thorn
List B: market, artist, barking, stork, thorn, forest, restore, partner, fortune, darken
List C: dormant, fortunate, partition, harmony, distort, warmhearted, gorgeous, guardian, horrifying, carnivore

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December 5th - Fino's Richland Family Night 

December 11th - REEF Read-a-thon Kicks Off (through January 19th)

December 14th - Domino's Family Pizza Night
December 18th - 3rd Grade Field Trip to see Ferdinand at Malco Paradiso

***Wednesday, December 20th - last day of Fall Semester is NOT a 1/2 day!***

I have created a Donor's Choose grant to supply some standing desks, floor pads (for comfort while using the standing desks), and 2 iPads to aid our small group station work that requires technology. Please donate to this important project for our classroom to help our kids stay active while learning and have more access to digital information for research, reading eBooks, and our Google Classroom activities. Here is the link. Feel free to share this link via email with family and friend or even on Facebook to help generate support!
My students need standing desks for our computers and iPads. We also need two more iPads to engage in technology based station work such as research, eBook reading, and google classroom activities....