August 14, 2017


Please go ahead and put Tuesday, August 15 at 5:30 and 6:20 on your calendars. We will meet as a team in my classroom (205) This is curriculum night for Richland. We will be presenting important information for our classrooms and the school at each of the times listed above. You can attend either presentation. Mrs. Somer's will also be in there to do her presentation so you can  learn more about math, science, and social studies instruction in 3rd grade. We will both be presenting at both times.

Wednesday Folders will come home again this week. There will be no graded papers in there this week. Graded papers will begin coming home next week. 

If you have not joined Bloomz already, please do that as soon as possible. Attached is the instruction sheet. Please join as soon as possible. Bloomz is a reminder and information app/website.  You can use these instructions to choose the way you'd like to join our class in Bloomz. I will use Bloomz to send pictures, reminders, and important updates. I like using the app, personally. It's a lot like the Remind app. 
Our Bloomz classroom code is 7EMKFG.

Please remember to check your child's binder every night for important information and behavior updates. Each child has a behavior chart in his/her binder that I will fill out if needed. I will explain more about this during curriculum night. Binders should be returned to school every day.

Skills for the week:
Reading Story:  "Bat Loves the Night"
Vocabulary: twitch, swoops, squeaks, echos, details, slithers, doxes, snuggles
Grammar: types of sentences
list A: crop, plan, shut, gift, next, class, smell, lunch, clock, milk
list B: pumpkin, pencil, salad, elephant, spent, Sunday, ostrich, apple, contest, Saturday
Mrs. Somer's webpage (for math, science, and social studies information:

If you need to contact me you can email me at or by text at (314) 488-0572.

Mrs. Johnson

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Mrs. Johnson