Students are required to read every night. Reading can be done alone, with a parent or sibling, or with audio books. 

Students should also practice the weekly spelling pattern each night.

Below are some extension activities if you would like additional skill building work for your child to complete throughout the week.

Homework Extension Ideas



*write a summary of a book you have read

*write in a new character to a story that you have read or to this week’s story

*write your own comprehension questions to a story(but not the answers)

*write at least 3 predictions BEFORE reading a book

*write about the beginning, middle, and ending to a book that you have read

*draw a picture of the setting (where the story takes place)

*find words in the story to highlight or mark with a post-it and then look up the words in the dictionary

*compare and contrast characters from a story

*compare and contrast two different books

*compare the story to your own life and write down your thoughts

*continue to read A.R. books and test in class



*write in a journal every day (maybe allow your child the opportunity to pick out a special diary or a fancy notebook with a cool pen or pencil)

*use transition words, conclusion words, and meaningful vocabulary

*make a box with topic ideas, draw one out and write a story about that topic



*continue to memorize math facts – race against your own time to see if you can get faster

*try Sudoku for kids – great logic and critical thinking games

*do IXL



*write each spelling word in a sentence but try to use two words in the same sentence or three words in the same sentence

*write the spelling words in question sentences

*write the spelling words in a cohesive story with a topic sentence, a beginning, middle, and end

*make up your own Word Search puzzle using the spelling words

*write clues for each spelling word as if each word was inside a secret box.


Independent Study Project

Complete a monthly independent study project (you can do more than one in a month)