THIRD GRADE  (2016-2017)
April 10, 2017
READING LANGUAGE ARTS CLASS A (Homeroom) 8:05-12:45/CLASS B 1:00-3:00

*Reading Skills:  main idea and key details;writing compositions from a prompt (narrative, opinion, 
informational/explanatory); prefixes, suffixes, plurals; compound sentences, prepositions, 
Story Focus:  "Poppy"  Can I identify story elements of Chapters 1-10

Anchor Text:  "Poppy" (Novel)
*Although not required, if possible please check out a copy of this novel to have at home.  Study guides 
will be sent home for tests.
Spelling-Test- 04/13/17
Test Schedule:  Poppy quiz on chapters 2-7 and vocabulary (Study guide and crossword puzzle  to 
Spelling Words-List C-18 sheet (plants, batteries, valleys coaches, babies, countries, bakeries, movies, 
highways, trays, boxes, cherries, matches, glasses, beaches, bridge, arrange, courage, tomatoes, 

Vocabulary Words: forage, ravenously, calamity, snarl, absurd, queasy, skedaddle

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*Please read calendar for April for all upcoming events.

*Please welcome our new student teacher, Ms. Newcomb.  She is from Freed-Hardeman and will be with us 
for the next several weeks.

*Send a note when your child is absent.  This will help with excused/unexcused absences.
*Please check agenda book daily for assignments and updates

*Several notes and flyers will come home this week.  Please check the K.I.T.

Our classroom is cool.  Students should bring a jacket. 

Please sign and return the weekly progress folder.  Make sure the papers are
returned with the folders. 

*Please check your child's agenda book each day.  Please collect all flyers
from the K.I.T.