Big Brain Club

Ms. Chick's Big Brain Club Challenge

For Students Who Desire to Go "Above and Beyond!" 

This is a club where you can achieve "above and beyond" the normal classroom expectations. All you have to do is learn all about the topic on your own. So, you might want to head off to the library or just click on the links below.  Find the answers, write them down neatly, STUDY, and then come tell Ms. Chick the answers during your recess, lunch, or before or after school.  This means you really have to LEARN and remember the information!!! You can become a 1 star member, all the way up to an 80 star member! Learning never ends - thank goodness!



    About Our State
 1.  Name our state flower and draw a picture of it. Tennessee Flower
 2.  Tell 3 facts about our State. Tennessee Facts and Trivia
 3.  What colors are on the Tennessee Flag? Tennessee Flag
 4. Name the 3 Grand divisions of Tennessee. Which division do we live in?  Tennessee Grand Divisions
 1.  Write your numbers 1 to 100 Hundreds Chart
 2.  Spell out the number words for 0-10 Number Words Game
 3. Illustrate all the Capital letters that have a line of symmetry Line of Symmetry
 4. Write your numbers - counting by 5's all the way to 100 Count by 5's
 5. Draw a picture of ten animals. Label each animal in order using ordinal numbers (spell it out) Ordinal Numbers
 6. Measure 5 things in your bedroom. Draw a picture of it and how many inches long it is.  Measure with inches
 7. Find a calendar with your birthday on it. Write it down.  What day is your birthday on. Mrs. Armstrong's birthday is Jan. 15. What day is it on? Its A Date
 8. Draw 3 clocks. Show what time you get up in the morning, What time you eat lunch, and what time you go to bed.  Write the times under each clock.  Telling Time
 9 Draw a picture of 6 things. Put them in order from LIGHTEST to HEAVIST.  Light to Heavy


 1.  What will go farther, a hard pull or a soft pull? Pushes and Pulls
 2.  How do you make a solid into a liquid? Solids and Liquids
 3. Name 5 dinosaurs. Childrens Museum
 4.  Name 5 Mammals. Enchanted Learning
 5. Name 5 reptiles.  Reptile Flashcards
 6. Name 5 kinds of birds. State Birds
 7. Name 5 kinds of fish. Fish
 8. Name 5 kinds of marine creatures.  Fish ID
 9. Name the colors of the rainbow in order.  Colors of the Rainbow
 10. Name the order of the planets in our solar system. Nine Planets


 Social Studies

 1.  Who was the 1st, 16th, and 26th president? Presidents of the United States
 2.  Name 3 explorers of North America. Explorers of North America
 3. Name 3 community workers and draw a picture of them.  Workers Hats
 4. Draw a compas rose and label the 4 directions. 

Compass Rose

Printout of compass rose

 5.  What the 3 branches of government? Branches of Government
 6. Draw and label 3 symbols of freedom. Symbols of America
 7. Draw a picture of the Tennessee Flag. 

Tennessee Flag 

Printout of TN flag

 8. Name 5 places you can go in your neighborhood? My Neighborhood 
 9.  Name 3 producers and their products they make. Products and Producers
10  What kind of homes did the first Pilgrims and Native Americans have? Draw a picture of each kind of home. Daily Life
   Language Arts  
 1. Make 5 rhyming words. Rhyming word game
 2. List 5 short vowel words and draw a picture.  Short vowel quiz
 3. List 3 contractions and thier partner words.  Contraction games





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