Class Rules

Ms. Chick’s Movie Star Promise
In our class, we promise to... share, take turns, listen, love, try our best,
say “sorry”, be respectful, have fun, laugh, help, smile, and learn.

Here is how we will keep our promise:
1. Follow the Richland Fabulous Four. 
2. Listen quietly while a leader is talking. 
3. Use correct voice levels. 
4. Use approved silent signals when needed. 
5. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to get up. 
6. Have Fun!  

Hand signals: 
Ask or answer a question-raise your hand. Do not shout out. 
Pencil-hold your pencil in the air. 
Water-hold your index finger in the air. 
Bathroom- hold 2 fingers in the air.  

Hallway Procedure: 
Line up in number order. 
Place hips, lips, hands and feet together.  
Position both feet in a box.  
Stand in one line at all times when movement in the hall is necessary. 
Be aware of your square.  Stand in a square tile in line.  

1. Verbal Warning 
2. Conduct changes to "G". Note in agenda book.  
3. Loss of Privileges/Conduct changes to "S".  Note in agenda book. 
4. Conduct changed to "N". Reflection Table (Write about it) 
5. Call home 
6. Office visit/Conduct changed to "U"  

1. Verbal Praise 
2. Stickers 
3. Happy Notes 
4. Extra Privileges 
5. Star on the Bingo Board