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See if you have what it takes to make the "big bucks".
Who Wants to be a Science Millionaire

Practice in Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies

Practice telling time.

Quizzes, games, and puzzles in all subject areas.  This is a class pick!
I Know That

Practice math facts with online flash cards and practice pages you can 
print at home.
Math Facts

Lots of interesting tidbits of information.  Great source for 
student-guided research.

Awesome!Enjoy some of the very best children's books read to you.  You even 
get to see all of the pictures! This is a great way to earn AR points. You 
can follow along while you listen to the stories.

Practice your spelling words with fun games and activities.  You will LOVE 
this! Just ask Mom or Dad to register first. It is free!
Spelling City

Another great site to hear stories read aloud to you.  You can also download 
these stories to your iPod 
or MP3 player.

Fun math games with an out-of-this-world theme.
Alien Addition

Short on time for a trip to the library? Children can read hundreds of free 
books online at Big Universe. Children can also write a book for free and 
have it published on the site where other kids can read them.
Big Universe