About Ms. Chick

NAME: Ms. Chick

SCHOOL: Richland Elementary

CLASS: 3-05

SCHOOL PHONE: (901)416-2148

About Ms. Chick

As a child I was always impressed with my teachers and their ability to make
learning come alive.  It seemed as if my teachers always knew the perfect way
to explain concepts.  It was as if they all had this year-long script and
everyday they stood in front of the class and performed their masterpieces,
like on stage in a theater.  How amazing it is to be such a vital asset to a
child's life! As teachers, we spend a year teaching our students during what
is the most significantly developmental stages of their lives. When it was 
time for me to make a decision about a career, I knew I wanted to become a
teacher. I felt that I wanted to be part of a profession that I could be proud
of and could have the most impact on the lives of others.

Mission For The Class

We are a community of learners. No one gets left behind in our classroom 

My Favorite Things
Color:  Pink
Store: Target, Ann Taylor Loft, Macy's, Lucky Store
Food:  Sushi, bagels, and Muddy's Cupcakes(Plain Jane)!!!
Candy:  Hershey's Nuggets, Reese's, Peanut Butter M&Ms, Lindor Truffles
Movie: The Princess Bride, all of the Iron Man movies, Chick flicks ;)
Book: Wonder
Music:  80's, 90's, current music...lots of favorites!
Drink:  Coffee (I love Starbucks!), unsweetened tea with Splenda
Animal:  Chihuahuas, of course!
Vacation:  Any Beach
Season:  Summer
Day:  Thursday
Unique Collection: bracelets, anything with my initials