Homework is very important in First Grade. Students will have homework Monday - Thursday. Sometimes there will be special projects that may need to be completed on the weekend. Homework should not last more than 30 minutes each day. 

Homework Tips:

1. Be consistent
Some students work better if they complete homework as soon as they get home.  Some students need a break and a snack or dinner before they begin their homework. Homework should be done in the same place each day (at the dinner table, at a desk, etc.)

2. Eliminate distractions
Provide a quiet place for your child. No TV, games, toys, etc.

3. When given paper/pencil homework only complete homework for the current day. (Ex. Monday's homework on Monday, Tuesday's homework on Tuesday, etc.)

4. Read every day.
Read the story of the week and ask questions related to the skills on the newsletter.
Read TWO AR books each week.
It may be easier to read with your child before bed.  Some students enjoy reading to their parents on the ride home from school. 

5. Make sure 45 minutes of Zearn and 45 of Smarty Ants is completed each Friday.

6. Email or text if your child is having trouble with homework.