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News for the Week of 05/01/2017


CONGRATULATIONS TO... STELLA, CAITLYN, AIDEN, AND JASMINE FOR MEETING THEIR ACCELERATED READER GOAL for the 2016-2017 school year! Please encourage your child to continue reading and taking AR Tests in 2nd grade.



Richland Field Day 

Field Day will be on May 19th.  More info. coming...

Registration/Teacher Request Info

SCSK12 has a webpage with more registration information.

RETURNING Students - If your child is currently attending an SCS school, or if the school your child most recently attended is an SCS school, you will register as a "RETURNING" student. Every returning student requires a PowerSchool access code to register online. If you have more than one child returning to SCS, each child will have his/her own PowerSchool access code. Parents must also have an active email address to register online.

Early Registration for 1st through 5th grade for the 2017-18 school year begins on May 1 and ends on May 19. Powerschool access code will be on student progress reports.

Registration after May 19th - can be submitted at the SCS Parent Welcome Center at 2687 Avery Ave. 

Teacher Request - If you have a child entering 1st-3rd grade and want to complete a teacher request form, you must register online first and then pick up the teacher request form in the main office from 7:30-3:00 or in the OASIS office from 3:30-6:00 between May 10-May 17, 2017. You must pick up and deliver the form to the main office or OASIS office. Parents of in-district students should bring in their 2 proofs of address at this time. Forms will not be sent home with children and they may not be sent to school with the student. After May 17, students will be placed into classes by the administration based on information from the previous grade teachers. Please note that the teacher request system is in place to allow you the opportunity to find the teaching style that best meets your child’s learning style. Please do not speak about any teacher publicly or on social media (doing so could cause your request to be void), and remember that the teaching style that is right for one child may not be the right fit for another child, even in the same family. Since 4th and 5th grades are departmentalized, teacher requests are not offered.

Children's Museum of Memphis Field Trip
Our field trip to the Children's Museum is on May 10th.  Please remember to send a sack lunch if you did not request a cafeteria lunch.  Students should also wear their BLUE FIELD TRIP SHIRT and UNIFORM BOTTOMS. If you paid to chaperone and you have not been on a field trip this year, please stop by the office before May 3rd to complete a background check.

Library Books/AR Tests
The last day for students to check out books from the Richland Library is May 5th.  This is also the last day for students to take an AR test for this school year.  Please return all Richland Library Books by May 5th.  Students with missing books will receive a notice from Ms. Ferkin.  Final Report Cards cannot be issued to students until books have been paid for or returned to Ms. Ferkin.

Wednesday Folder and STAR Binder - Don't forget to check your child's Red Wednesday Folder. Sign and return all work/notes on Thursday. Please check your child's STAR Binder each Monday and Friday for homework and the behavior sheet. Sign the Behavior Sheet and send it back on Monday. 

Your child has access to I Station, Zearn, and I Ready at home. Using these programs will increase your child's reading and math skills by one grade level. Every 30 minutes of I Station is worth 1 Free Homework Pass.  Every 45 minutes of Zearn and I Ready is worth 1 Free Homework Pass. Homework Passes can replace weekly homework assignments.  If you need your child's username and password please email me to let me know.

First Grade Sight Word Assessment - Friday, May 5th. Please review the list in your child's STAR Binder.

Every Friday Can Be... Jeans Day! Students who have perfect attendance with zero tardies, Monday-Thursday, may wear jeans on Friday with the blue field day/field trip shirt or an approved Richland uniform shirt. Children wearing jeans when they have been absent or tardy that week will lose the privilege the next week that they are eligible.

Please continue collecting BOX TOPS! Box Tops for the 3rd nine weeks. Thanks for your help!

Don't forget to order books for the summer from Scholastic Books.  Our class code is P2TQL.

May 5th - Sight Word Assessment/Last Day for AR Tests
May 10th - Field Trip
May 11th - Domino's Pizza Night 5:00
May 15th - Ms. Ferkin's AR Store
May 16th - Fino's East 4:00
May 16th -  Registration 4:30 -7:30 @ Richland El. (returning students)
May 19th - Field Day
May 26th - End of Year Party
May 26th - Last Day of School 8:15-11:30 am (1/2 day for students)



Weekly Newsletters

4th Nine Weeks

Week 1 March20-24.pdf
Week 2 March27-31.pdf
Week 3 April3-7.pdf 

Week 4 NO Newsletter

Week 5 April17-21.pdf

Week 6 NO Newsletter

Week 7 May1-5.pdf
Week 8
Week 9 

Weekly Journeys Story
*click on "Links" to find Journeys Stories online*
4th Nine Weeks

Week 1: Click Here to read A TREE IS A PLANT Sequencing/ Comparing Two Texts 

Week 2: The New Friend/Symbols of Our Country Understanding Characters/ Comparing Two Texts

Week 3: The Dot Understanding Characters/Compare and Contrast

Week 4: The Dot Understanding Characters/Compare and Contrast
Week 5: The Kite Story Structure
Week 6: The Kite Understanding Characters/Friendhsip 
Week 7: Hi! Fly Guy Understanding Characters/Feelings and Actions    
Week 8:
Week 9: 

Eureka Math - class code DE3Y9Z

4th Nine Weeks

Week 1: Module 4 Lesson 15-21    
Week 2: Module 4 Lesson 22-29
Week 3: Module 4 Assessment/ Module 5 Lesson 1-5
Week 4: Module 5 Lesson 6-9
Week 5: Module 5 Lesson 10-13/ End of Module Assessment
Week 6: Module 6 Lesson 1-5
Week 7: Module 6 Lesson 6-12
Week 8:
Week 9:


4th Nine Weeks

Week 1:   Spring Break (personal narrative)

Week 2:   Spring Break (personal narrative)
Week 3: The Dot (Character Actions/Author's Message)
Week 4: The Dot
Week 5:  The Kite (opinion writing)
Week 6:  The Kite (opinion writing)
Week 7:   The Best Pet (opinion writing)
Week 8:  
Week 9:   

Science/Social Studies

Week 1-3: Natural Resources/Symbols of Our State/Solids, Liquids, Gases
Week 4-7: Weather/Earth Day/Tennessee
Week 8-9: Tennessee/Memphis in May

Accelerated Reader

We will have our next AR Celebration on Friday, April 28th!  Students must have 25 points and an average of 85% or higher.  Fifteen books must be read independently. Other books can be read with a parent/guardian. All AR books should be recorded on the Monthly Reading Log in the STAR Binder. Students who have meet this goal will have a special lunch with me! I'm thinking...ICE CREAM! 



Click here to find titles to more AR Books!


Molina's Mystery Readers

During the First Semester, one parent a week may sign up to be our Mystery Reader. Please do not let your child know when you are coming.  We will read the clues that you send to me and try to make a guess!  Our Mystery Reader time is every Friday at 2:45. You may bring your own book or read a chapter from our class Read Aloud. This is a special time for your child and his/her classmates. If possible, please come alone. We will have student readers beginning in January.