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News for the Week of 12/04/2017

Long A and Long I Spelling Test will be on Monday, Dec. 18th. Practice each day!

Book Three Sight Word Test will be on Thursday, Dec. 14th.

Review Week 13-17 Sight Words on the Foundational Literacy pdf.





Don't forget to send in Box Tops for the second quarter.  **If every student collects 10 Box Tops, we will earn approximately $800! If every student collects 50 Box Tops, we will earn approximately $4,000! If every student collects 100 Box Tops, we will earn approximately $8,000!** Here’s how: 

1. Simply clip Box Tops from products and attach them to collection sheet. For a list of participating products, go to

Wednesday Folder and STAR Binder

Don't forget to check your child's Red Wednesday Folder. Sign and return all work/notes on Thursday. Please check your child's STAR Binder each Friday for the behavior sheet. Sign the Behavior Sheet and send it back on Monday. 

First Grade Homework

We will use SmartyAnts and Zearn for homework this year. Using these programs will increase your child's reading and math skills by one grade level. Your child should work for 45 minutes a week on each website. If you need your child's username and password please email me to let me know.

I have received requests for paper/pencil homework from students and parents.  All students now have the Module 1 Eureka Math Workbook. Students may choose to complete the front and back of 3 Math Pages a week to turn in for Math Homework. Math Homework can be turned in each day or on Friday. ELA homework will be on the website each week with pages listed in the "Upcoming Events" section below. ELA homework can also be turned in each day or on Friday.
  Students must complete 45 minutes of ELA and 45 minutes of Math homework each week.  I will continue to check Zearn and Smarty Ants each week. Please choose the best way to complete homework each week.

Every Friday Can Be... Jeans Day!
Students who have perfect attendance with zero tardies, Monday-Thursday, may wear jeans on Friday with an approved Richland
uniform shirt. Children wearing jeans when they have been absent or tardy that week will lose the privilege the next week that they are eligible. 

Scholastic Book Order
Don't forget to order books for from Scholastic Books.  Our class code is P2TQL.



5th                  FINO'S RICHLAND FAMILY NIGHT
11th                 REEF READ-A-THON KICKS OFF
14th                DOMINO'S PIZZA FAMILY NIGHT
15th                FIRST GRADE HOLIDAY PROGRAM (1:30 PM)


Weekly Foundational Literacy
(Spelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar)

2nd Nine Weeks

Week 10 Foundational-Literacy.pdf
Week 11 Foundational-Literacy.pdf

Week 13 Foundational-Literacy.pdf
Week 14 Foundational-Literacy.pdf
Week 15 Foundational-Literacy.pdf
Week 16 Foundational-Literacy.pdf
Week 17
Week 18 

Weekly Story
*click on "Links" to find Journeys Stories online*
2nd Nine Weeks

Week 10: From Seed to Pumpkin
What happens as a seed grows into a pumpkin?

Week 11: How Animals Communicate
        How and why do animals communicate?
Week 12: Animal Groups
                How are animals grouped?
Week 13: Animal Groups
                How are animals grouped?
Week 14: Amazing Animals
        What makes animals amazing?
Week 15: At Home in the Ocean
                 What are some animals that live in the ocean?
Week 16: Amazing Whales
                What makes a whale an amazing animal?
Week 17:
Week 18:

Eureka Math - class code CH3C4Y

2nd Nine Weeks

Week 10: Module 2 Lesson 1-4   
Week 11:  Module 2 Lesson 6-10
Week 12: Module 2 Lesson 12-16
Week 13: Module 2 Lesson 17-20
Week 14: Module 2 Lesson 22-26
Week 15: Module 2 Review/End of Module Assessment
Week 16: End of Module Assessment/ Module 3 Lesson 1-2
Week 17:
Week 18:


2nd Nine Weeks

Week 10: Informative Writing - How a pumpkin grows from a seed
Week 11-12: Informative Writing - Writing/Illustrating a booklet telling how animals communicate
Week 13-14:  Informative Writing - Write a paragraph (topic sentence/supporting details/closing sentence) describing the characteristics and behaviors of an animal group.
Week 15-16: Informative/Opinion Writing - Ocean Animal Research Project/ Why are whales and sharks amazing animals?
Week 17-18:  

Science/Social Studies

Week 10-12: Fact or Fiction/Maps
Week 13-15: Thankgiving/Native American Tribes/Veterans Day
Week 16-18: Maps/Globes/Earth/Holidays Around the World

Accelerated Reader

We will have our second AR Celebration on Friday, December 8th!  Students must have 15 points in all (including points from the 1st nine weeks), read 10 books independently, and have an average of 85% or higher.  All AR books that are read at home should be recorded on the Monthly Reading Log in the STAR Binder. Students can choose books from the classroom library as well. I will make sure they are prepared to test on the books from the classroom. Students who have meet this goal will have a special lunch with me! 

You may have AR books on your bookshelves at home. Click here to find out!



Click here to find titles to more AR Books!


Molina's Mystery Readers

During the First Semester, one parent a week may sign up to be our Mystery Reader. Please do not let your child know when you are coming.  We will read the clues that you send to me and try to make a guess!  Our Mystery Reader time is every Friday at 2:45. You may bring your own book or read a chapter from our class Read Aloud. This is a special time for your child and his/her classmates. If possible, please come alone. We will have student readers beginning in January.