Reading/Language Arts Goals
  • NO Spelling until January 8                                                                                                               
  • Research Project:  Afghanistan
  • Identify the story message/lesson.
  • Describe characters (their traits, motivations, feelings).
  • Describe how a character's actions contribute to the events in the story.
  • Read with expression.       
  • Vocabulary Strategy- Use context clues
Homework Have-Tos
  • Read every night before bed.
  • Be prepared for spelling (Thurs.) test. 
  • Have one hour of "no screen" time.
  • Make time for physical activity and family time.      
Optional Homework Extended Learning (Please only have your child do the activities that fit his/her needs).
  • Practice answering questions. The first part of the answer comes from the question.  the second part of the answer comes from the text. Practice with the questions on pg. 4 of your Weekly Reader.                                                                                                                                  Example Question: According to the article, what was the happiest day of Daniel's life?               Example Answer:  The happiest day of Daniel's life was when his parents returned from a nine-month deployment.
  • Choice of Practice Sheets
  • Writing Prompt:  Write an informative paragraph describing in detail the December holiday you celebrate.  What traditions do you enjoy at this time every year?
  • Redo missed items on graded papers.
  • Wednesday-  Citizenship reports and graded papers will be sent home.
  • Students may start bringing Stocking Stuffers for our Rudolph baskets. It is NOT mandatory.
  • Monday, Dec, 18- Field Trip.  Only students and parents who have already paid through the school may attend. Chaperones will receive their list of students on the day of the trip. Please meet us at the Paradiso at 9:10 a.m.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20 is the day of our holiday party. 
  • Please use Parent Connect to view your child's grades periodically.  Returning students have log in information already.  If your child is new, contact one of the secretaries.
  • Please send a snack and water with your child every day. 
  • Please check the binder daily for communication from teacher/school and homework.
Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Ross