We believe the after school hours should be used for extracurricular activities, independent reading, outdoor exploration, and family time.

The Eureka Math program does have a homework page that will come home in student binders after we complete the lesson.  You can use it in many ways, but it will not be required to be completed or returned to school. 
Some ways to use the homework sheet are -
-parents can use it to familiarize themselves with what we are studying
-ask your student to show you how to solve one or two problems for review
-send back to school with any questions you may have about what we are learning

There will be a timed drill sheet coming home weekly in student binders to help students practice fluency with facts.  It should only take 2-3 minutes to complete each night or can be completed in one day in about 10 minutes.  It will need to be completed and turned in on Fridays.  It will be graded for completion.