Field Day is this Friday, May 19. We would love to have some parents come and cheer us on! If 
there is no rain, we will have events scheduled through out the day. Students should bring a 
water bottle with their name on it. I would love to have a cooler on wheels to put the drinks in. If 
someone has one we can borrow, please let me know. There will be concession stand items to 
purchase for lunch.  The students will need to buy tickets to purchase these items. If you can 
send your cash ahead of time and pre-purchase the tickets, your child will not have to wait in a 
long line on Friday. They are accepting cash only and would like you to have the exact amount. 
The students can also get a sack lunch from the cafeteria. The students should wear their gray 
field day shirt and athletic shorts. PLEASE check the length of your child's shorts to make sure 
they are uniform regulation length!!!

Please be sure to send one baby (or toddler) picture and one current picture of your fifth grader 
to  This is for our slideshow for the promotion ceremony. The picture 
should have only your fifth grader in it. If you only have paper copies of your child's baby picture 
you can take a picture of it with your phone and then email me. The pictures are due Friday, May 

5th Grade Promotional Ceremony will be Thursday, May 25

Here is the Dress Code for 5th Grade Promotional Ceremony:

Girls- a dress that would be appropriate for church (a sweater/wrap is required for dresses with 
thin straps), sandals with a back strap or dress shoes with heels no taller than 1 inch.

Boys- black or navy pants, dark dress shoes, white button down shirt, and a tie or bowtie.

Please plan on checking your 5th grader out to celebrate after the ceremony!!

The last day of school is May 26. All students should be picked up by 11:30 am. Our class will be 
having a technology and board game morning. Students may bring their electronic devices or 
their favorite board game to play on the last day.