Weekly Newsletter

Week of October 17, 2016

How to contact me:


901-859-7390 (cell) 

Parents next Friday, October 28, we will be going on our first field trip to the Memphis Zoo.  We have a school parent who will be making our class t-shirts for the trip at the cost of $4.  I will send home an order form in the binder on tomorrow.   This money will be due by Friday or no later than Tuesday, October 25.  I will send out a picture of what the shirt will look like on Remind.   Thanks in advance for your cooperation and sorry for the short notice.

*Please practice sight words I, like, the, and nightly

*Please practice tying shoes with your little one if they are still learning this skill.
*Many of my friends are still working on working quietly at their seats during class work time.  Please remind them of the importance of being quiet to complete their work without interrupting others.  Our goal is to build our stamina so that when our small groups begin they will be able to work independently and quietly without interruptions.  Thanks in advance for your support.


11- Veterans Day
22- Thanksgiving Feast
23-25- Thanksgiving Break

Students will enter at 8:05 and our day begins by 8:15.
  • Please be sure to check BEE Binders daily.  You will find important classroom information in the back of the binder.
  • Go over rules and expectations for them daily
  • Please label personal items (water bottles, jackets, lunchbox,etc) 
  • Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 
  • Please follow the dress code.  No blue shirts or dresses.  You can refer to Richland Handbook if needed.
  • Practice gradual release of responsibilities with your child to help him/her to continue in their transition.

Dress Code:
Please make sure to review the dress code policy.
Pants- Black, khaki, or blue ( No jeans)
Shirts- Collared white, gray, or red shirts. (No blue shirts)  Richland spirit wear shirts.
Jackets-  Solid blue, gray, or black with no large logos
Dresses- Khaki or gray
Tights- Solid black, blue, red, gray, white. (No prints)

  • Parents please remember to reinforce school and classroom expectations daily.  Some of my friends are still working on keeping hands to our selves, following directions, and working quietly.  With your continued support I know they can do it .
  • Make sure your child has a uniform color jacket/sweater to wear in the building. Sometimes it gets a little chilly. (Please don't forget to label it!)
  • Please send a LABELED WATER ( NO JUICE) bottle for your child to use outside at recess. They get thirsty from having so much fun.
  • Snack Calendars are in the BEE Binders. Please be prepared to send in 20 snacks on your child's day. THANKS for doing such an awesome job with snacks.  It makes it much easier.  Thanks!

  • Remember we're working on their independence to tie shoes, fasten belts, and how to clean up after themselves at lunch. We constantly review this at school, but it is always helpful if you would do so at home also. Thank you!
Please Remember:
  • BEE Binders are our most important form of communication.  Please make sure to check for papers that need to be signed and returned, conduct, and student work.  Check your child's BEE binder daily and initial the conduct calendar.  Encourage your child to follow the class and school rules at all times.  Please praise or reward your child for receiving good conduct marks.  However, I ask that if your child should receive a straight or sad face that you discuss with them their behavior or have some type of consequence(s) in place at home that will encourage them to make good choices.
  • It is very important during our instructional time as a whole group that we are good listeners, criss cross applesauce hands in laps, and not disturbing our neighbor or playing on the rug.  Eyes are on the speaker, mouths are closed and ears are listening.  We will be practicing sitting quietly and using an inside voice. 
  • You are welcomed to send in a small blanket or towel with your child to use during rest time.  The item will be keep in his/her backpack.  Please make sure it is something that they can get out, fold and put up by themselves.  No toys, pillows, or stuffed animals please.