Hi, Parents!

 Jaelyn's mom is buying popsicles for our class on Friday. Thank you so much!!!

WE had a fantastic Field Day!!! Thank you to Sean's mom for carrying cold water for us, for staying with us, and for the popsicles afterwards! I also want to thank  Jaelyn's mom for helping us the entire time as well!!! It DEFINITELY helped the kiddos enjoy the day more with extra help on hand!

This week (our last one together!!) we have some fun activities planned for the afternoons. Please see the colored sheet with info that I sent home last week. Tomorrow, students may bring a board game.

This Friday is a half day. We will spend an hour first thing that morning watching a movie, and then we will do fun stations until 10:30. We will enjoy a picnic lunch together at 10:30, followed by popsicles. Please send a sack lunch and drink to school on Friday with your child. If you would like to donate popsicles for us this Friday, that would be super! Just email me and let me know.

We will be cleaning out our seat sacks this week, so plan on several things coming home in the next few days.  If I do not get to see you, thank you again for all that each of you has done to make this such a great year!!!!

 As we wind up the school year, I would like to return to students reading and/or practicing skills via computer for Homework. I am asking that you have your child practice skills throughout the week here and there using Zearn and/or for Math (I will send home info this week) and istation and/or Raz-Kids (see info below) for Reading. **I know that some students do better with paper Homework. I do not mind sending Homework home for those students. If you prefer paper Homework, please email me and let me know.** 

 Raz-Kids Reading Website Membership: Arush's parents purchased a membership to Raz-Kids, which has a fantastic reputation as a Reading site that students love. Since they have several spots available, they have shared the membership with our class, giving each student availability to use the site! I will send home info this week if your child is interested in doing this at home. 

Module 6
IXL skills
A.8 Counting tens and ones - up to 99 >> 
A.11 Counting forward and backward >> 
J.8 Ten more or less >>
K.3 Comparing numbers up to 100 >> 
M.3 Place value models up to 100 >>
M.5 Write numbers as tens and ones >> 
E.9 Add two multiples of ten >>
E.10 Add a multiple of ten >> 
I.3 Subtract multiples of 10 >>
Q.1 Names and values of common coins >>
Q.3 Count pennies, nickels, and dimes >>
Q.4 Count pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters >>
D.9 Addition word problems - sums up to 18 >> 
H.10 Subtraction word problems - numbers up to 18 >>
J.6 Addition and subtraction word problems >>
A.6 Counting by tens - up to 100 >>
A.11 Counting forward and backward >>
D.3 Complete the addition sentence - sums up to 10 >>
D.8 Addition facts - sums up to 18 >> D.11 Addition facts - sums up to 20 >>

 We play on a large area of grass on some days rather than the large playground (we have a rotation schedule).  If you have any chalk at home that you could donate for these last few dates, that would be great! We could also use any jump ropes or balls. If your child does bring a ball, please only bring one on these dates:  May 12, May 17, and May 23.  Thanks so much!!

We are learning and practicing the following skills this week....

English/ Language Arts
*Story: Swimmy by Leo Lionni; The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
   -Ask and answer questions about key details. 
   -Read and spell words with various patterns (review)
   -Review nouns, verbs, adjectives
   -Module 6 (adding 2-digit numbers; word problems)
Social Studies

Thanks so much for all that you do at home to support your child this school year.

-Have a super week!!!
Whitney Ault