Hi, Parents!

We now only have 1 1/2 weeks before Winter Break. Please continue to reinforce reading at home and completing 1-minute math sprints.

I have not had time to update the wix site or hyperlinked this week's Math lesson videos. I will do so as soon as I am able. Sorry!

We will have a Spelling test on Lessons 15 (Compound Words) and 16 (words ending in ed/ing). As always, REMEMBER TO PRACTICE OLD PATTERNS AS WELL!! 

Important Dates:

December 11th - REEF Read-a-thon Kicks Off (through January 19th)

December 13th- Box Tops Counting Party in the Cafeteria at 1:30 pm

December 14th - PTO Teachers' Holiday Lunch

December 14th - Domino's Family Pizza Night - %age comes back to school

December 15th - 1st Grade Program/PTO General Meeting #3 1:30pm

***Wednesday, December 20th - last day of Fall Semester is NOT a 1/2 day!***

Important Information:

Ready! Set! …Read!

Today marks the official 1st day of REEF’s Annual Read-a-thon Fundraiser & Contest! We're promoting the love of reading and raising money to support reading and tutors at Richland. It’s time for students to set their daily reading goal. How many minutes a day are they going to read or even be read to? Students are encouraged to get together with their parents and set a goal tonight. We want everyone to read most days of the Read-a-thon. There are PRIZES for all participants and for the top reader in each grade, pizza parties for classes with most minutes read, and Principal & Vice-principal for the day for top the two readers! Our reading adventures start today! READ! LOG IT! GET SPONSORS! EARN PRIZES!

*Read-a-thon packets were sent home in last week’s Wednesday folder. 

Uniform Reminder: Please remember the uniform guidelines when sending a jacket/sweater for inside the building:

       Students may wear Richland spirit-wear (clothing with Richland logos). They may also wear sweaters or light jackets in any of the uniform colors (navy blue, red, khaki, gray, white, or black) over their uniforms while in the building.There should not be any patterns or logos on the clothing, unless it is spirit-wear.

·          Tights or leggings must be worn under skirts, dresses, or jumpers, and may not be worn as the pants only. They can be any of the uniform colors: red, white, gray, khaki, navy blue, or black.

Have a great week!!

Whitney Ault