Hi, Parents!

Teachers are switching their class web pages over to, as Teacherweb (this site) will be discontinued on Dec. 31st. I have created our new site. Please go to: Go to the Weekly News page, scroll to the bottom, and subscribe to it. Let me know if there are any issues. 

 Wednesday, October 4 is Walking to School Day. Park the car and walk to school together!! Coach Gambino and Coach Howeth will walk the bus riders around the school.
Below are the skills we are learning and practicing:

Reading: Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters (African American version of Cinderella)
Spelling: endings -ed, -ing ***Words are in your child's binder. Don't forget to also review previously-learned words.
Grammar: Verbs in the Present
Writing: comparing/contrasting Cinderella stories
Math: Place Value (hundreds, tens, ones)
Social Studies: Events from TN History (Studies Weekly)

If you are interested in your child getting extra help online with what we are doing each day in Math, I can add your child to our Zearn account. If you choose to have your child do it, I recommend doing one lesson each school night. If you haven't already heard from me about doing Zearn and are interested in doing it, just email me, and I will add your child. Thanks!

Remember that the main Homework this year for your 2nd Grader is to read "Good Fit Books" for 20 minutes each night. Part of this time can also be reading with or to your child. A "Good Fit Book" is one that your child is interested in, knows most of the words, and understands what is happening. Remember to encourage your child to use those Reading Strategies (in the binder) when he/she comes to an unknown word. The other part of daily Homework is a 1-minute Math Sprint.

Please check your child's binder daily
for any school notes or work that your child didn't complete in class.

Important School Dates:

* October 6th - Box Tops are due

* October 9-13th - Fall Break