Information about the online grading site will be sent home on as soon as it is available.

Please DO NOT send any foods to school that contain peanuts or
peanut oil. We are a peanut free school and 4th grade classroom!



*COMMUNICATE WITH ME IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS by writing a note in your child's

*REMEMBER: We are learning responsibility this year! Don't work harder than your students on
homework and assignments - contact me anytime if there are issues

Grades and Grading....

Many parents ask..."What do you grade? Sometimes my child's homework isn't even marked".

I don't grade all the homework or daily papers. Quite frankly, I would be up all night if I attempted to
grade everything! The students know that daily work is practice and it is up to them to do their work
and study.
They don't usually know which homework or daily work I'll grade. I do, however, keep track of
when work is in or not and use that as part of the grade for each subject. Makeup work (not for an
excused absence) this is work that the student does not do or turn in at the right time, never earns
full credit. Here are some other areas I look at when assigning grades, roughly listed in order
of importance:
Tests - Tests are very important this year. I usually make my own study guides that cover exactly
what we have learned. I use standardized and mandated tests for grades.

Projects - Projects and reports show how well each student can use what we have learned.

Daily Grades - I don't grade all daily work, but the students often don't know which work I'm going to

Observation - I take note of daily work, homework, and work not easily graded (such as oral reading)
and compile these into frequent observation grades.

Progress - No matter what level a child is on it is important that he or she continues to make

Participation - Students who take an active part in learning do better.

Effort - If a student is not trying, his or her grade may reflect that.

The most important thing you can do as a parent is communicate with me if you have a concern
about your child.

Important skills for Science and Social Studies

To be a successful 4th grade student your child must learn how to study to retain facts and
information presented daily.
Study the Study Guides
Make sure your child understands each vocabulary word
Draw charts/ diagrams/ pictures to help your child remember important facts
Study by reviewing classroom notes nightly
Ask your child to talk with you about these subjects (what was discussed during class, what new
information you gained)
Allow your child to read the chapters orally to you
The standards are on-line for all 4th grade subjects @ Tennessee Dept. Of Education