Six Flags Trip Monday, May 15th 

Students should arrive to Bailey by 6 am. We are hoping to leave by 6:15 am. Students may bring snacks/drinks for the trip but the park does not allow outside food to be brought in. Make sure they have money or bought a meal voucher for lunch. Students do not have to be in school dress code, but everything must be covered and students cannot wear bathing suits as tops. The park does have a dress code as it is a family park. Students will be allowed to leave items on the bus but the school and the bus company are not responsible for lost or stolen items. The park does have lockers available for rent. We will be back at Bailey by 9 pm. Students will be instructed to text/phone when we are close to Bailey. Please pick up your child on time so that we can all get home as quickly as possible since it is a school night. Thank you!