policies and procedures

School times
starts  - 8:40
lunch - 10:40 - 11:10
snack - 2:00 
ends - 3:40


Your child needs to bring a backpack to school each day. The backpack will need to be large enough to fit a plastic folder (rolling backpacks are discouraged due to storage space). The backpack will help ensure that important notes, school work and daily folder will arrive to school and home safely. Please label your child's backpack with first and last name.

Daily Folder
Each student will have a daily folder for communication between school and home. This folder will contain students work, daily behavior report, and notes. This is also where you should put notes and/or money that you are sending to school. I will not check backpacks. This folder needs to be checked and signed by the parent or guardian DAILY!

-If you are sending lunch money with your child to school for lunch/breakfast account, please place the cash or check in a sealed envelope with your child's name, homeroom teacher name, amount and lunch account number, written clearly on the front. This must be placed inside their daily folders; backpacks will NOT be checked for notes or money.
-Ice cream money - your child is able to buy ice cream with their lunch account.
-You can manage your child's lunch account (check balance, see what your child ate, add money, set up email balance notifications) at the parent online website.

Library and Computer
Your student will be attending a 30 minute period of library and computer each week. This will not start until the third week of school.

We ask that each child bring in a set of headphones for their use in the Computer Lab. Please place the headphones in a zip-lock baggie with your students name in permanent marker. Headphones can be purchased at the dollar store.

Snack and water
-Snack is optional; if you would like your child to have a snack then send one in their backpack daily.
-Water bottles are allowed in the classroom. Please ensure that water bottles have spill proof tops such as sports caps. No screw tops. Sweetened or colored drinks will not be allowed in water bottles due to spills.

-If there are any transportation changes, the office requests that you send a WRITTEN, dated and signed note in with the student. Emails, verbal changes, and phone calls will not be permitted, as the office needs documentation for safety.
-If you are going to be putting your child on the bus for the first time (except for beginning of the year) please contact transportation to alert them of the change. They will then be able to find the best bus stop for your child.
-If your student will be rotating between different modes of transportation, please send a note each time and inform your child of the change.

The administration and teachers working these posts, will NOT allow anyone who is not on the release form to pick up your child. They also will NOT release a student if you do not have a card. You can get a car-rider or biker/walker card at the front office.
-Car Rider Line If you are picking your student up in the car rider line, please have your car rider signs in your car window ready for our fabulous specialist to read and radio to the front of the line. Once they get the student name and grade, they will have the students lined up ready to get into the car.
-Bus Rider If you are allowing your student to ride the bus, there must be a parent at the bus stop. The school does not allow older brother or sister to accompany the little guys off the bus. If you do not know your bus number or bus stop, you can click on the link to enter your address in to find out.
-Walker/Biker pick up will require a pick up card that lists the students that you are cleared to pick up from school. K-2 will be dismissed from the door outside the first grade hallway and require identification cards. Grades 3-6 are dismissed from the end of the third grade hallway.
-The front office will not release students after 3:00pm due to attendance policies. If you need to pick up your child early, please make sure to arrive prior to 3:00pm.

Please do not allow your child to bring in ANY toys, fake or real jewelry, lip gloss,
or any other valuable item to school as they may be lost or stolen. Lost or stolen items can not always be recovered. Toys brought to school will be collected and returned to the parent.

-You can bring treats (cupcakes, cookies, ice cream) for the class for your students birthday. Treats should be distributed during the last couple minutes of lunch time. We do not allow any time in the classroom to have birthday celebration.
-Birthday party invitations can be distributed in class, but only if every student receives one.

Items left at home
Any items left at home, such as homework and change of shoes for PE, will not be delivered to the classroom, with the exception of lunch kits and jackets. If a folder or paperwork is delivered, the front office will place it in my mailbox and I will be able to retrieve it during lunch time or conference time.