About the Teacher

NAME: Jessica N. West

SCHOOL: Cypress Ridge High School

CLASS: US history

SCHOOL PHONE: 281-807-8000

Contact info: jessica.west@cfisd.net

Subjects: On Level US history & Dual Credit US History
Conference time: 6th period; before or after school by appointment (email
Educational background:
Bachelor of Science in History, Southern Oregon University, 2008

Master of Arts in Teaching, Southern Oregon University, 2009

Master of Arts in History (in progress), Sam Houston State University

Professional Development:
I am continually striving to become a better educator by updating my
strategies and learning new content. Some recent courses I have taken include:
Differentiated Instruction Training (Summer 2010), Rice AP Institute for US
history (Summer 2010), Gifted and Talented pedagogy courses (2009-2013), EOC
Success (Summer 2011), and the following graduate classes in history through
Sam Houston State University: Early American Religious History (2009), Texas
History (2010), Colonial American History (2010), Early National America
(2010), Contemporary American History (2010), and Later Modern European
History (2010). 
Note from Ms. West:
Welcome to my website! Please check the resources section for important
information. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to
contact me by email or by calling the school.