About The Teacher

NAME: Glynis David

SCHOOL: C. W. Cline

CLASS: Music

SCHOOL PHONE: 281-482-1201

About The Teacher

Friendswood has been my home for over 15 years. My husband and I are very
thankful that our children attended FISD and we hope that our grandchildren
will have the same opportunity. Professionally, my husband and I help lead a
Contemporary Worship Team and occasionally  perform with our friends, Herman
and the Dearhearts/The BSides. In our spare time we  enjoy attending the many 
performances that are offered by our district's music and theater departments 
as well as attending performances at local universities and venues around Houston. 
     I have taught in FISD for the past ten years.  I began teaching Music
at Cline August, 2008.   I chuckle when my Mother reports that as a child I
was always playing the piano or singing...even in my sleep! I love children
and I am very thankful for the joy of sharing my lifelong passion with the
student's at Cline.

Mission For The Class

It is has been said that happy and safe children
who feel good about themselves will learn to love learning.
This is my goal for the children.

Another favorite of mine:  "Imagination is more important than knowledge."
                                                         Albert Einstein 

I believe that you can nurture creativity.