Our Event

For the past four years, we've loved producing YAK Fest for the teens of Keller ISD and the surrounding communities. From YAK Fest 2012, with thirteen authors, we grew to having over 20 authors for each of the past three festivals. Attendance grew as well, with readers coming from as far away as Houston and Lubbock, and by busloads from all over north Texas. Many volunteers came together with new ideas and fresh energy to make each year better than the one before. We met new people and made new friends, and learned so, so much. 

We extend huge thanks to all the volunteers who made the events possible, to the M.R. and Evelyn Hudson Foundation for funding the festivals, and to the teachers who supported the idea by encouraging their students to attend.  We deeply appreciate the authors who came to meet our students with humor, patience, and generosity. Most of all, we applaud the teens who came out to spend time celebrating the joy of reading and writing.

May the YAK be ever in your favor.

Lucy and Janet