Help Me!, Ayúdame!   Help Me!, Ayúdame!      Help Me!, Ayúdame!   
                          HEY PARENTS - GRANDPARENTS - STUDENTS -   
              LIBRARY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!     We need library volunteers!

The Manor Middle School Librarian would love your time and talents!  With 
just a little support every week, you can help make the school library a 
fantastic place to learn, explore, and create.  If you can spare one hour, 
you could…

1.	Help students select books.
2.	Design/Assemble displays.
3.	Read a story to students or be a reading buddy.
4.	Process new materials (stamping, labeling, etc.).
5.	Label, shelve and straighten books.
6.	Gather books and materials requested by teachers.
7.	Help with author/storyteller/illustrator visit.
8.	Assist with inventory.
9.	Help students and teachers use the online catalog.
10.     Help update and distribute overdue notices.
11.     Set up and help run book fairs.

                                                     …and so much more!

For more information or to volunteer, please call or stop by the library.  
I would love to have your help!

Mrs. Bingham, Manor Middle School Teacher Librarian


Volunteer for our bookfairs!!!