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About The Teacher

NAME: Adele Passovoy

SCHOOL: McNeil High School

CLASS: Pre AP Biology

SCHOOL PHONE: (512) 464-6451

About Ms. Pass................

Ms. Pass graduated from UCLA and Pepperdine with a B.A.
and an M.S.  She was already teaching for the Los Angeles Unified School
District before she completed her studies.  During her tenure at LAUSD, Ms. 
Pass was elected department chair, she was a teacher mentor and a Science/Math
Resource Specialist earning Excellence in Education commendations. 

In 1993, Ms. Pass and her family, both bipeds and quadrupeds, moved to Austin,
Texas.  While waiting to be picked up by a school district, Ms. Pass became a
contract science and math writer for Prentice Hall and Silver, Burdet and
Ginn.  In 1998, Ms. Pass became part of Round Rock ISD when she joined Round 
Rock High School as a biology teacher and freshman sponsor. The following 
year, when her freshmen became sophomores, Ms. Pass moved with them to Stony 
Point High School as founding faculty.  She continued as class sponsor until 
that group of students launched as Stony Point's first graduating class in 
2002. During her tenure at SPHS, Ms.Pass was awarded two Excellence In 
Education grants, was part of Cyberways and Waterways, and was twice accepted 
into the National Science Foundation's GK-12 program through the University of 
Texas. In 2006, Ms. Pass joined the McNeil family to take over AP Biology and 
Pre-AP Biology.    

Mission For The Class

Our goal as biologists is to understand how we, as humans, fit into the
complex system of interactions within Earth's biosphere.  Pre-AP Biology is a
true college prep course in which we master the knowledge necessary to go on
to AP Biology or any college level survey biology course. 

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