Colonial America Webquest

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up one day during a 
different time in history?  Here’s your chance!  Step into my imaginary time 
machine, close your eyes, touch your nose, wiggle your toes, and POOF!  You 
have been transported back a few hundred years into Colonial America.  Your 
journey awaits you!!!  

You are seven years old and your family lives on a farm.  Winter is here.  
It is bitter cold outside and the snow is several feet high.  Your family 
cannot make the journey into town to trade supplies. There is no choice but 
to wait until the Spring. 

Enjoy your journey, and GOOD LUCK!!!

Here are some thinking questions to take along the way...

1.  How does your family prepare for winter?
2.  What can your family do to make the supplies last until Spring?  
3.  What fun activities could you do during these cold winter months?  
4.  Compare your family during a present winter to your family during a 
    colonial winter? How is it the same?  How is it different?

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