Colonial America Webquest

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 Your group will consist of five people:

1.  Family Life - 2 students in the group will explore chores & farming,
    food, trading and jobs. How were these things affected during the winter?
2.  School -  1 student in the group will explore colonial school.  How
    often did children go to school?  Could they go to school during the
    winter?  What other ways did they learn?

3.  Clothing - 1 student in the group will explore colonial clothing.  What
    did the clothes look like?  What kind of clothing did they
    use to keep warm in the winter?
4.  Games - 1 student in the group will explore games.  What games could the
    children play in the winter when it was too cold to go outside?  

After your group has completed their individual assignments, you will work 
together to create a map of the land where your colonial family lived.  Each 
group member will include the information from their assignment.  Remember, 
the season is WINTER.

Each group will present their work to the class.  Students are encouraged to 
dress up "Colonial Style" on presentation day.

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