Colonial America Webquest

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#1:  Grouping Time: 
 The teacher will pick out names from the popsicle stick jar to form groups 
of 5!  Your group members will become your "brothers and sisters" for the 

#2:  Assignment Time: 
 In your new groups each member will pick out of the colonial hat for their 

#3:  Computer Time:  
 Once you have your job:  Click, learn and explore all the links listed 
under your assignment.

#4:  Group Time:  
 After you have finished researching, schedule a meeting with your group to 
share what everyone learned during their personal journey.  Brainstorm and 
sketch out ideas for your poster (map).

#5:  Project Time:
 Your group will all be in the same family (brothers and sisters).  You will 
map the land where your colonial family lives.  Each person in the group 
needs to add detail from their assignment.

#6:  Presentation Day:  
 Your group (family) will present your poster to the class.  Each 
member will need to be a part of this!  

#8:  Bonus:  Presentation day is special, because you will be able to dress 
up as a colonial child.

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