Colonial America Webquest

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The following is a list of books teachers can use to enhance this unit through read-alouds, independent reading, and activities.

Colonial Kids: An Activity Guide to Life in the New World by Laurie Carlson

Life in Colonial America by Peter F. Copeland

If You Lived In Colonial Times by Ann Mcgovern, June Otani (Illustrator)

Colonial Times from A to Z (Kalman, Bobbie, Alphabasics.) by Bobbie Kalman

The Village:  Adventures in Colonial America by Knight
Seventh & Walnut:  Adventures in Colonial America by Knight
Colonial Days: Discover the Past with Fun Projects, Games, Activities, and Recipes (American Kids in History Series) by David C. King
 Growing Up In Colonial America by Tracy Barrett
School in Colonial America by Mark Thomas
Homes in Colonial America by Mark Thomas
Clothes in Colonial America by Mark Thomas
Colonial America (Easy Make & Learn Projects) 
by Donald M. Silver, Patricia J. Wynne
Home Life in Colonial Days by Alice Morse Earle

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