Welcome to Math Superstars

Dear Parents,

Math Superstars, a fun program designed to enhance your child's math 
experience, is back at Patsy Sommer Elementary for the 7th year. The program 
offers small prizes/incentives for working on these extra math
problems at home.

Beginning on Friday, September 26, for grades 1-5, a worksheet will be posted 
on the Sommer website by grade level. (The kindergarten program will begin in
January). If your child chooses to participate, please print the worksheet at
home and return for grading by the following Friday (students have 7 days to 
complete the worksheet). Please be sure that the student's FIRST and LAST 
NAME and TEACHER'S NAME are on each worksheet for your student to receive 
credit. Your child may only complete sheets for their grade level, and sheets 
turned in for another grade (even if it is a higher grade) will not receive 

The worksheets will be graded by volunteers from the PTA, and then returned
back to the student the following week. As your child accumulates points,
they will receive prizes. Their name will be posted on a special bulletin
board in the main hallway of Sommer Elementary when they have 50 points (10
points for Kindergarten). Students who complete all of the sheets will
receive special recognition at the end of the program as well.

Your role is to encourage your child and facilitate problem solving. Allow
time during the week for your child to think about each problem. You may
need to read the problem to your child, explaining any new words
encountered. Feel free to suggest a strategy for solving the problem,
offer counters or manipulatives or listen as your child shares his or her
thinking, but please DO NOT GIVE THE ANSWERS. In order for this program to
be effective, the thinking must be done by the students.  Many of the problems
are worth more than 1 point. Please encourage your child to show his work as
partial credit can be given.

It is normal for a child NOT to be able to complete every problem on a
worksheet. The process of reading, understanding and approaching the
problems is a valuable step in solving many types of problems. Remind your
child that she or he is not expected to know the answers to every problem.
Thank you for allowing your child the opportunity to participate in this
exciting new math adventure!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ivania Lee at