TIME TO EXPLORE

Do you have your stuff together?  It is time to explore!  Remember to stay 
in character when following the quest:
1.  Find out information about the habitat of the great white shark, and 
print out the world map.

2.  Locate information about the six main shark senses.

3.  Draw a diagram of a shark and label major parts:
a)  eye
b)  nostril
c)  gill slits (make sure there are 5)
d)  first dorsal fin
e)  pectoral fin
f)  caudal fin
g)  second dorsal fin
h)  pelvic fin
i)  anal fin
j)  axil
k)  Draw the lateral line used for sense of feel
(How to draw)
(How to label)

4.  Discover the normal diet of a great white shark.

5.  Learn about some of the facts and myths of Great White Sharks.

6.  Read about actual shark attack accounts.

7.  Read the following account given by the victim:

"I was swimming for fun and all of a sudden, it hit me from behind.  NO, I 
did not loose any flesh, but whatever it was, it was huge!  I swam as fast 
as I could back to my surfboard and paddled quickly to shore.  No, I did not 
see his dorsal fin, but that don't mean nothing!  It was a shark I tell you, 
a GREAT WHITE SHARK that nearly ate me up!  You have to do something 'bout 
that shark a'for he eats somebody else."

8.  Using your knowledge about sharks, write a diary entry for a day to 
confirm or dispute the existence and attack of the Great White Shark in this 
scenario.  Include information on their habitat, senses, and diet.  Next, 
illustrate your story and be sure to include your diagram of a shark labeled 
appropriately and the world map you printed.  Make sure you write from the 
perspective (point of view) of your character the entire time.  Be sure to 
date your entry and sign it too.

9.  Congratulations on a job well done and a diary entry that is well 
documented.  Be sure to include a list of the websites you visited during 
your research and be prepared to share your findings with your classmates in 
an MS Word Document resplendent with graphics downloaded from the Internet 
sites you visit.

*If you desire extra credit or just want to go the extra nautical mile, then 
design and create a diorama too utilizing Photoshop elements and graphics for 
your scene.