NAME: Michele Acker

SCHOOL: Westwood High School

CLASS: Pre AP/IB Chemistry, BI(PLTW Biomedical Innovation), MI (PLTW Medical Interventions)

SCHOOL PHONE: 512-464-4183

E-mail Address:  michele_acker@roundrockisd.org

BS Biochemistry       Texas A&M University
Teacher Certification University of Louisville
Registered Medical Technologist

TUTORING: 8:00-9:00 M,W,TH,F or by appointment early mornings
(before 8am) and after school 4:15-4:45 M,T,W,Th.  

Class Schedule
1st Block  PLTW Medical Interventions
2nd Block  PLTW Medical Interventions
3rd Block  PLTW Medical Interventions
4th Block  Planning/Conference
5th Block  PLTW Biomedical Innovation
6th Block  Pre AP/IB Chemistry
7th Block  Pre AP/IB Chemistry
8th Block  Pre AP/IB Chemistry