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Brigid Thompson
AP English Instructor/AP Coordinator

Brigid Thompson is a home educator from Willow Spring, North Carolina, who has been teaching classes full of bright, enthusiastic, and multi-talented homeschoolers for many years.  Living on a horse farm just south of Raleigh, the Thompsons have been fortunate to be an active part of a vibrant homeschooling community.  Brigid and her family homeschooled from kindergarten through 12th grade.  Her younger son, Connor, is now pursuing a chemical engineering degree at NC State, and her older son, Kyle, recently earned his masters degree in aerospace engineering and is pursuing his PhD. while working for NASA.  Brigid taught literature and writing classes in various co-ops throughout her two kids' middle school years and then taught honors and AP English classes—both locally and online—during their high school years and beyond.  Brigid helped launch a local homeschool national honor society chapter in 2003 and served for 10 years as one of the adult leaders in the group, stewarding the chapter's growth from 11 students in its first year, to a membership of 73 when she "retired" from chapter leadership in 2013.

With a background in English, Brigid enjoys sharing her love of literature and skillful communication with homeschoolers.  She has considerable experience—and has had much success—teaching AP English over the years
(read more on the Blue Tent feedback page ). Attending numerous week-long AP summer workshops has reinforced the AP model—a framework she believes sets up students for success in college analysis and writing (and her former students write back that this is the case).  Teaching to the test has never been a goal in Brigid's classes. Rather, a solid foundation, with an appropriate amount of test-prep practice, leads to success on the AP exam and beyond.  Key components of her Blue Tent classes are that they are large enough for students to enjoy active interaction with grade-level classmates, yet small enough that she can offer regular and detailed writing feedback that pertains to what each student needs most at any given time.  Brigid loves getting to know her talented students, who are invariably involved in lots of interesting academic and extra-curricular activities.  She welcomes notes that share highlights of their endeavors and successes during the school year and after they have moved on.  While her AP English classes are designed to help prepare students for the exam and college-level analysis, writing, and rigor,  most of all she wants students to enjoy their year of AP English with her and with their classmates!

Additional background:
  • University of Virginia
    • BA in English, 1978
    • MBA, 1982
  • College Board-Authorized Online AP Instructor
    • AP English Language and Composition, authorized syllabus
    • AP English Literature and Composition, authorized syllabus
  • College Board Training at AP Summer Institutes (1-week courses)
    • 2013 - UNC-Asheville (AP Lit)
    • 2013 - UNC-Charlotte (AP Lang)
    • 2012 - Davidson College (AP Lang)
    • 2011 - Davidson College (AP Lit)
    • 2011 - Wake Forest University (AP Lang)
    • 2010 - Wake Forest University (AP Lit)
    • 2007 - William and Mary College (AP Lit)
  • K through 12th Home Educator (two sons now in college and grad school/working)
  • High School English taught to classes of homeschoolers:
    • 2011-2014 Blue Tent Online AP English Lit and Comp; Blue Tent Online AP English Lang and Comp
    • 2010-2011 Blue Tent Online AP English Lit and Comp
    • 2008-2009 AP English Language and Composition
    • 2007-2008 AP English Literature and Composition
    • 2005-2010 Honors English 9; Honors English 10
  • Capital Area National Home School Honor Society Advisor, 2003-2013
  • AP/Homeschool Articles: "The Value of AP Classes"; "AP English: It Began with a Thud"
  • Parent/student testimonials: Blue Tent Results & Feedback

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Christine Proctor
Honors English Instructor

Christine Proctor is a home educator from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, who is an avid reader, sometime writer, and all-time enthusiastic supporter of the English language. With one son in college, one in the working world, and one still immersed in high school studies, Christine's sixteen years of homeschooling has entered a new phase: teaching online! Besides bringing the English language to life for her three young men, Christine also continues to teach and tutor other homeschooled students in English literature and writing. Grading papers, correcting grammar exercises, reading great literature out loud, holding poetry and drama readings, working one-on-one as a writing instructor as well as "coach," and assisting high school seniors with college application essays keeps Christine busy on a daily basis. Her degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina, as well as her work experience as a news reporter and as a copywriter for a national advertising agency, has helped just a little!

Raising three boys with multiple interests has broadened Christine’s horizons beyond her love of reading, writing, photography, and fostering dogs for a rescue group—to the finer things in life like art, music, dance, drama, and of course, sports. Though she might not be on the field or behind the piano, she actively contributes to each community, and each of these activities has deepened her experiences—which are reflected in her teaching.  Opportunities to lead classes in poetry, dramatic writing, and storybook art have come her way through both the homeschool community and her church.  And one can never underestimate the benefits of an engaging book club!

From the first edits students receive on their papers, Christine’s love for effective and artful communication is evident. Nothing brings her greater satisfaction than reading a piece of writing that reveals a student’s understanding of the subject and the ability to clearly convey it. Well, maybe a scoop of dark chocolate raspberry ice cream could compete.

Additional background:
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    • BA with Honors in Journalism, 1987
  • Professional Writing
    • Newspaper Reporter, Fuquay-Varina Independent
    • Copywriter, Rockett Burkhead Advertising Agency
  • K through 12th Home Educator (1999-2013)
  • High School English taught to homeschoolers:
    • 2014-2015 Blue Tent Online Honors English 1; Blue Tent Online Honors English 2
    • 2013-2014 Blue Tent Online Honors English 1; Blue Tent Online Honors English 2
    • 2012-2013 Blue Tent Online Honors English 2
    • 2009-2012 English 9; English 10; Individual tutoring (IEW/WriteShop)
  • Parent/student testimonials: Blue Tent Results & Feedback

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Advanced Placement courses offered by Blue Tent Online comply with the College Board's AP audit process and have been authorized by the College Board.  Students who complete these courses can include the "AP" designation on their transcripts.