Blue Tent Online

Web-tree.pngJoin other homeschooled students who are as eager to learn as you are! In Blue Tent Online classes, you can expect friendly, helpful, and enjoyable discussions and collaboration with classmates from around the corner and across the globe 

With the asynchronous format of our classes, time zones and fixed meeting times disappear, offering you the flexibility to weave weekly assignments and text-based class discussions into your own academic, extracurricular, and family activities. All Blue Tent Online classes are highly interactive, so you'll be working closely with your classmates and teachers—getting to know them all very well. But you'll do that on your own weekly timetable. 

Blue Tent Online classes are designed for advanced students who love to learn and explore--and who want to share and compare with grade-level peers. Our instructors are excited to be teaching and learning right along side you! We have educational degrees, professional backgrounds, and instructional experience in the subjects we teach. Most importantly, we understand homeschoolers—because we've we've travelled the K-to-college journey with our own families.