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Target Tests

What are Target Tests?
Target Tests are cumulative tests taken at the end of each 9 weeks. 

Which subjects are tested?
This year, students will only be tested in Math.

How often do students take Target Tests?
Students take Target Tests at the end of each 9 weeks. 

How can I help my child be successful on the Target Test?
You can help your child be successful on Target Test by practicing Math skill at home.   

You can also help your child be successful by making sure your child gets a good night's sleep the night before each Target Test, and making sure they eat a good breakfast the morning of the Target Test.

Are Target Tests really a big deal?
Yes, Target Tests are included in your child's grade.  It is very important that he/ she take them seriously and do his/ her best.

What are the purpose of Target Tests?
Target Tests are designed to prepare 2nd graders for SOL Tests that will be taken in 3rd grade.


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