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Jones - Earth Science

Mrs. Jones’s Science Classes
Challengers Team -8th grade
Keeping you informed and in the loop! J

Parent Portal: 
I take and record grades frequently. This is the easiest way that I have to
communicate with you about your student.  A grade recorded as “mi” means that your student was missing an assignment. A grade recorded as “inc” means that the assignment was incomplete. “Ab” means that your student was absent.
Occasionally grades marked “ab” will not need to be made up. An “ab” does not effect your child’s average. Blank spaces in the grade book simply mean that I haven’t had a chance to grade the assignment.


is a texting AND email service to “remind” students AND
parents of assignments due and/or assessment dates for Mrs. Jones’s science
class. No personal numbers are used or seen.

To receive text messages

Earth Science               Physical Science
  To: 757-802-7168         To: 757-802-7168
Text: @a590                   Text: @42f03


Earth Science                 Physical Science

a590@mail.remind101.com            42f03@mail.remind101.com


is an online website used for students to communicate,
review class information such as notes, power points, gather assignments AND
complete assignments.

· Log-in to Edmodo.com
· Register for your class using the correct code:

Earth Science A3: t74ku7          Physical Science B3: ydxjnf
 Earth Science A5: aju6ad          Physical Science B5: g7u58p

Online textbook

You will be given a user name and password to access the
science textbook.

*If you ever lose your online textbook code, it is placed in
the “important information” folder on Edmodo.

*Challenger Team Information

My School Mail

To make keeping “in the loop” as convenient for you as
possible, we encourage you to sign up
for My School Mail. Just go to the CLMS school website homepage, click on the link on the left,  and follow the instructions; soon you’ll be receiving newsletters and important information from CLMS and our Challenger
team directly to your selected e-mail address.


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