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 Please review our 4th Nine Weeks Standards to see what we are doing/learning.
 There are many things parents can do with their kindergarten age children 
at home that go beyond paper and pencil rote activities.   Here are just a 
few ideas.

 *Write, write, write!! Is your child writing at home?  He/She can write 
grocery lists, letters to grandparents, relatives and friends, keep a journal 
or diary. Your child should be able to write more than one sentence each day 
about what they want to do. It is important that your child has practice 
writing and practice using our sight words correctly along with writing the 
sounds he/she hears in the other words. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD WRITE!

 * We are learning to recognize coins.  Let your child sort your change.  
Encourage him/her to say the name of each coin as he/she sorts.  Talk about 
how much each coin is worth. Practice counting a nickel and pennies.

 * Help your child to notice what time it is.  Try to use both digital and 
analog clocks.  We are learning to tell time to the hour.

 * Can your child count by 10s to 100?  Can he/she count by 5s or 2s?  Please 
practice at home!

 * What day is it?  Ask your child!  Keep a calendar up, encourage your child 
to find the day and count to the number of the day, trace or write the days 
numeral in the box. Remember, calendars are great for teaching counting, left 
and right, number recognition and the days of the week.  

Help your child learn letters, numbers or sight words.  
Letters- write upper and lower case letters on small cards.   Object of game 
is to match upper and lower case letters.  Start out with about 6 letters, as 
your child is able to learn or match more, add more letters.
Numbers- follow same procedure for numbers as for letters.  You may use a 
deck of cards for numbers to 10.  Children can match numbers that are the 
same. Help with counting by having your child count the amount on each card 
turned over.
Sight words- write two sets of sight words on small cards.  Object of game is 
to match sets of words.

 *Play following directions games: Simon Says; Bring or Take: give a series 
of bring or take directions.  "Take your shoes to the closet, please. Bring 
your coat to me." Make sure one task is finished before giving another 
  *Practice name writing (with an upper case at the beginning followed by 
lower case). Your child may like to write his/her name in the sand with a 
stick, with chalk on the sidewalk, roll it from playdough and form the 
  *Look for letters and numbers while in the car and on walks.
  *Say nursery rhymes having your child supply the rhyming words.  Be sure to 
stress the words that rhyme.
  *Practice saying the alphabet correctly.  If you can have your child point 
and clearly say each letter. Have your child point to the letters and say it 
starting at Z.
  *Read a favorite story.  Then ask your child to tell you what happened 
first, second, and last.  He/She may need hints until they are use to this.
  *Have your child help you cook.  Point out how the ingredients are listed 
in the order they are put into the mixture and that it is important to follow 
the correct order.
  *Improve fine motor control by letting your child use a hole punch (over 
the waste basket :).
  *Draw wavy lines with a marker on old newspapers to practice cutting 
  *Reinforce understanding of starting at the left.  Arrange a row of small 
articles on the table and ask your child to name them.  Be sure that he/she 
always starts at the left and moves to the right.  

You may also want to do the things below that we encouraged 
throughout the year.

    Please read aloud to your child every night using a variety of 
literature.  Be sure to emphasize the reading and listening comprehension 
suggestions in the FAQ.  
     We are emphasizing proper pencil grip in order to help children 
correctly form their numbers and letters.  Please continue practicing at home.
     Please help your child practice the kindergarten sight words each day.  
He/She should be able to recognize, write and use the words in a sentence.
     Math continues to be taught in a spiral approach in that we continually 
review previosly taught skills. Remember to check the bottom of the math 
papers that are sent home for extension activities. Please check the link 
called "Standards Taught" to find out what we are teaching for each nine 
weeks and reinforce(practice) those same skills with the children at home.
     Be sure to check you child's bookbag and folder nightly.  All papers 
should be reviewed and reinforced each time they come home.

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