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Algebra 1

April 21st:
  No School

April 22nd:
  Earth Day Booklet
  Quadratic Booklet: 1-16

April 23rd:
  Quadratic Booklet: 17-25 and 53,54,57,& 64

January 6th: 
  Return parent letter signed
  Rules word search due Friday 

January 7th:
  No School - Cold!

January 8th:

January 9th:
  No Homework

January 10th:
  No School - Ice

January 13th:
  Practice 1-2 worksheet: 2-30 even

January 14th:
  Lesson 1-6 worksheet
  Ch.1 Notes: page 4

January 15th:
  "Get The Message" worksheet
  "Frosted Friendship" graph

January 16th:
  No School - Snow

January 17th:
  Practice worksheet 1-3
  Pre Test on Equations

January 20th:
  No School 

January 21st:
  No School - Snow

January 22nd:
  No School - Snow

January 23rd:
  Chapter 1 Test review (Test tomorrow)

January 24th:
  No School - Too Cold

January 27th:
  Test Today

January 28th:
  No 4th Today - No School

January 29th:
  No School - Snow

January 30th:
  No School - Snow

January 31st:
  Practice 2-1 worksheet: 10-19
  Practice 2-2 worksheet: 21-30

February 3rd:
  Equation Notes Vocabulary
  Practice 2-1 worksheet: 32-35
  Practice 2-2 worksheet: 31-35

February 4th:
  "Books Never Written" booklet

February 5th:
  No School - ice

February 6th:
  "Why Did Everybody Hate The Diaper Thief?" ws 1 worksheet

February 7th: 2 worksheet

February 10th:
  Practice 2-3 worksheet: 2-44 even

February 11th:
  Practice 2-4 worksheet: middle column 2 to 32

February 12th:
  Practice Equation Test

February 13th:
  No School - Snow

February 14th:
  No School - Snow

February 17th:
  No School - Snow

February 18th:
  No School - Snow

February 19th:
  Study for Test (rework practice test)

February 20th:
  No Homework - test today

February 21st:
  Study for Addition of Fractions Test
  Practice Test on Inequalities

February 24th:
  Practice worksheet 1-1
  Practice worksheet 1-2
  Practice worksheet 10-5

February 25th:
  Study for Addition of Fractions Test (rework practice test)
  Study for Test on Inequalities (rework practice test)

February 26th:
  Addition of Fractions Test
  Inequality Test

February 27th:
  Practice 4-1 worksheet: 9-41

February 28th:
  Practice 6-1 worksheet

March 3rd:
  No School - Snow

March 4th:
  "It's Hard to Move" graph
  Algebraic Expressions/Reteaching worksheet 1-2
  "What is the Difference between a Teacher and an Engineer?" worksheet
  Riddle Rattler/Prime Time worksheet

March 5th:
  Slope booklet

March 6th:
  Slope Quiz 1
  Practice 6-2 worksheet

March 7th:
  No School - Snow

March 10th:
  Slope Quiz
  Practice 6-4 worksheet: 1-12

March 11th:
  Study for Friday's Test
  Practice 6-4 worksheet: 13-28

March 12th:
  Practice 6-3 worksheet: 12-20

March 13th:
  No School - Snow

March 14th:
  Practice Test on Slope

March 17th:
  No School - Ice

March 18th:
  No School - Ice

March 19th:
  Practice 6-4 worksheet: 13-27 (Ax + By = C form)
  Study for Friday's Test

March 20th:
  Study for Tomorrow's Test (rework practice test)

March 21st:
  Slope Test

March 24th:
  Practice 7-3 worksheet: 1-35
  Return Progress Report Signed

March 25th:
  No School - Snow

March 26th:
  No School - Snow

March 27th:
  Elimination worksheet (1's - odds and 2's - evens)
  Solve by Using your TI-83s worksheet

March 28th:
  Practice Test on Systems of Equations

March 31st:
  Study for tomorrow's test (rework practice test)

April 1st:
  Test Today - no homework

April 2nd: 
  Study for Subtraction of Fractions Test
  Practice 8-2 worksheet: 1-30
  Practice 8-3 worksheet: 1-35

April 3rd:
  Subtraction of Fractions Test
  Practice 8-4 worksheet: 1-33

April 4th:
  Practice 8-5: 1-34

April 7th:
  Take Home Test (due Wednesday)

April 8th:
  Practice 9-1 worksheet: 1-40

April 9th:
  Practice 9-2 worksheet: 1-12
  Practice 9-3 worksheet: 1-20

April 10th:
  Practice 9-4 worksheet: 8-22 even and #s 38 & 40 Bonus
  Division of Polynomials worksheet

April 11th:
  Practice Polynomial Test
  Take Home Polynomial Test (due 4/16/14)

April 14th:
  Practice 9-2 worksheet: 13-48
  Practice 9-7 worksheet: binomials only

April 15th:
  Practice 9-5 worksheet: 1-20
  Practice 9-6 worksheet: 1-32

April 16th:
  Study for Factoring Test (rework practice test)

April 17th:
  Factoring Test

April 18th:
  No School

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