Huntington Music Technology Club



New Equipment and A New Music Tech Lab/Studio!

Thanks to: The Kinder Morgan Foundation Grant


Justin Eley tests one of the four (4) new 76-key keyboards and amplifiers recently purchased 
with grant money from the Kinder Morgan Foundation. Justin is a former MTC
who recently was awarded a music scholarship to Norfolk State University.
He is shown here
on January 14, 2011, moments before departing to return to NSU. 
assisted with the testing
and assembling of the new equipment.

Mr. Binns can only watch and observe (surgery) as MTC mentor Joshua Gatling and his 
younger brother Justin assemble the new digital drum kit. Ninety percent of the music 
instruments that are used by MTC students are MIDI compatible and utilize digital technologies

Even  a five year-old can embrace and enjoy new technologies!



Kinder Morgan is one of the largest pipeline transportation and energy
storage companies in North America and has approximately 8,000 employees

They are committed to helping the next generation to excel.

 The former room (136) that we attempted to convert into a recording studio and music tech lab would have required extensive modifications. We were restricted to using two smaller rooms, one for recording and another for Mrs. Binns piano and voice students. However, our new room (130) is fully carpeted for sound absorption and has thick walls. It is already suitable for recording and is designed perfectly for a 6-8 station music tech lab. Additionally there is office space and a room well suited for private piano and voice lessons. Two rear rooms will need very little modification for a sound engineer control room and isolation booth for single and group recording sessions. This is far different from our two small rooms that we often crowded 8-10 students in for recording sessions and lessons. No such thing as an isolation booth.

Studio 1:  This was used for 10 piano and voice students last year.


Studio 2:  This was our small recording studio/mixing lab. Guitar lessons too.

Principal: Mrs. Cleo Holloway
Magnet Director: Dr. Anita Plaskett