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Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions 
of students and parents.
  1. What are Mrs. Harrington's Expectations?
  2. What supplies will I need?
  3. What's on Mrs. Harrington's Wishlist?
  4. Will I need a graphing calculator as an Algebra student?
  5. How can I do homework more efficiently?
  6. What if I copy this question and send it to Mrs. Harrington with the e-mail link?

What are Mrs. Harrington's Expectations?

About Mrs. Harrington's Class: 
Mrs. Harrington’s Expectations and Requirements

Welcome to the wonderful world of Math! The basic rules for students
 Follow all directions in a timely manner.
 Raise your hand and get permission before speaking or leaving
your seat.
 Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself.
 Use appropriate language in all conversations: words, tone and

As a math teacher, I also have some basic rules:
 Come to class prepared every day – pencil, pen, highlighter,
calculator, agenda and appropriate materials.
 Come prepared to learn with an attitude of respect.

Class will begin each day with a daily problem, which helps build
problem solving skills. Homework will be checked following the daily
problem, and should be on the desk ready to grade. Assignments,
notes, quizzes and tests MUST be kept in a section of a 3-ring binder
or pocket folder. Extra help is available before tests and after
school, by appointment.

Grading Policy
Daily Problems
Each problem is worth 2 points: 1 point for showing the math necessary
to solve the problem, 1 point for the correct answer with correct
units. Daily problems are completed on one sheet of paper with the
date and correct number of points for each problem and students total
their points when the problems are collected.

All assignments are due at the beginning of the period. All problems,
done in pencil, must be attempted for full credit (5 points) and work
must be shown. Students must be prepared to ask questions if
something is unclear. If a student is absent, they must make up
missing assignments. Late homework will only be accepted with a pass
(see below).

Tests and Quizzes
Generally there will be a test following every chapter and quizzes
after clusters of sections. Tests are worth 100 points, quizzes range
from 30-60 points.

Students are expected to participate in lessons, and take
responsibility for their learning.

Daily Problems, Homework, Notebook checks, Quiz and Test scores will
make up the grade, which is based on total points earned.
Participation will be considered in raising grades! Conduct grades
will be a reflection of a student’s ability to abide by classroom


Numeric grades will be given for all assignments, however, in
accordance with KGMS policy, the letter grade equivalents are listed
90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
60-69 D
Below 60 F

Each 9-week grading period, students will receive 3 passes: 1 homework
pass; 1 hall pass; and 1 generic pass. The homework pass may be
attached to a completed, late assignment to receive full credit for
the late work. The hall pass may be used to leave the room for
personal reasons. The generic pass may serve as either a hall pass or
a homework pass. Any un-used passes may be turned in at the end of
the 9-weeks for extra credit!

Special notes for Parents/Guardians:
- Check with your son/daughter periodically to see that he/she has the
proper supplies needed for class.
- Monitor absences. Call me for assignments, or check my website
- Contact me as soon as a concern arises – don’t wait until it becomes
a problem.
- Encourage the student to seek help whenever necessary.

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What supplies will I need?

All my math students need the following:
Looseleaf paper
10 pocket folders with brads
Pencils, pens, and a highlighter
Calculator for home use
Graph paper
Colored pencils
Book cover (PLEASE not the sticky or the stretchy cloth kind!)
Box of tissues
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What's on Mrs. Harrington's Wishlist?

1) Hand Sanitizer
2) Tissues
3) Paper towels
4) Disinfectant wipes
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Will I need a graphing calculator as an Algebra student?

The TI-83 plus is used in class, and is required for the SOL 
test. A student is not required to purchase one, but it is highly recommended for
this and all the following math classes.
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How can I do homework more efficiently?

 You'll have more free time for other activities if you find ways 
to complete your homework more efficiently. These tips will help you
get your work finished so you can spend more time doing the things you
*Make the most of your time. Stay on task. Remove distractions,
such as TV, games, or people who might disturb you.
*Get the most difficult assignments done first.
*Reward yourself periodically with a five-minute break.

Keep necessary supplies on hand, such as a copy of the
assignment, your computer, pencils, pens, colored markers, paper, a ruler, and a
Be sure to bring home the books and papers you need to do your
Work with other students so you can talk over the assignment.
Share ideas and divide up tasks when appropriate.
Do as much work as you can at school during the day, or on the
way to and from school.
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What if I copy this question and send it to Mrs. Harrington with the e-mail link?

You can win a cheesy prize!!
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