Civics Notes and downloadable worksheets

Unit 1:  We the People:  A Government of the Citizens  :  Complete notes for Unit 1 (must have Publisher)
Citizenship-flip-book-terms-student.doc :  This organizes the key terms of citizenship
Citizen-Ad-quiz.docx :  This is the project where you will creat an ad that will inform future citizens. 
Citizenship-acrostic.docx :  Using information about the unit, make relevant sentences
Citizenship-Scenarios.doc :  Using the information on citizenship, find the answers to each situation. Create three of your own.
Documents-that-Influenced-the-Constitution-Foldable.doc :  directions for foldable with included pictures
I-AM-A-KEY-DOCUMENT-THAT-INFLUENCED-THE-WRITING-OF-THE-U.doc decide which document is which..
doi-and-aoc-analysis-student-sheet.docx The following two sheets go together with the DOI/AOC analysis assignment.
Unit-1-essential-questions-worksheet.docx :  This sheet is the "must know" of unit 1
5-Principles-of-US-government-worksheet.doc :  The student will decipher the 5 democratic principles and try to relate to them.
perfect-citizen.docx :  this activity will lump all the duties/responsibilities and traits of a good citizen together
sTUDYGUIDE-FOR-UNIT-1.doc :  Something to prepare you for the test
Unit-1-Vocab-squares.doc :  This is a matching type game where the students will have to make sure that all squares match on 4 corners
2.-Introduction-to-Civics.doc :  This is the beginning of your journey through Civics


Unit 2: Constitutional Government

: Unit 2 Power Point presentation that covers all things Constitution master notes for the unit .
modern-preamble.docx: The students are to "modernize" the preamble to the U.S. Constitution. They are encouraged to "wear" the document so that it looks old. In order to fully complete the assignment, the writer must get a signature from each member of the class.
Amendment-Poster-Explanationc.doc : You will create a poster for a random amendment following this guide.
amendment-window-pane.doc You will select 4 of the 10 Bill of Rights and you will draw a cartoon that will explain in detail the selected amendment. I am not looking for the best "picture", but the best "story" this is my example that I created for the Constitution web quest activity.
open-notes-quiz-and-review-guide-for-unit-2.docx : This is the open note quiz that will also be your study guide for Unit 2
Unit-2-complete-vocabulary.doc This is the complete vocabulary for Unit 2
U.S.-Constitution-acrostic.docx Complete this by making sentences that pertain to the U.S. Constitution
Preamble-booklet.docx :  The class has the task of creating a booklet that outlines the Preamble
Unit-2-The-BIG-IDEA.docx :essential questions for unit 2.  This is the paper copy of the Big Idea.  Students are encouraged to write down their answers first on this sheet before submitting via the web.
aoc-and-constitution-comparison.docx The student will make a comparison of the AOC and U.S. Constitution
intro-to-the-bill-of-rights.docx :  a questionaire about change
UNIT 3: Legislative Branch : Complete notes for Unit 3: Legislative Branch
Journal.doc: A quick 3 question excercise on some basics of the Legislative Branch
Senate-and-House-of-Representatives-Flip-chart-revised.docx : a booket that details Congress designed for quick viewing
How-a-Bill-Becomes-a-Law-Revised-2.doc :  students will cut out the steps and make a progressive list of how a bill becomes a law.
Legislative-branch-acrostic.doc : This is a fact finding activity to introduce the student to the Legislative Branch
Legislative-Branch.pptx : The power point covers the key players of the Legislative Branch (except "how a bill becomes a law")
Venn-Diagram-terms.doc : The object is to differentiate between the House of Representatives and the Senate
MirandaHow-bills-become-laws.ppt: this power point from a former student provides the basics of how a bill becomes a law.
how_a_bill_becomes_a_law-pro-pp.pptx: this is an extremely detailed powerpoint outlining the legislative process : this is the "example" I made about the How a Bill becomes a Law webquest
law-writing-prompt.doc : this writing prompt was a introduction to the webquest. Due date same as web quest
Unit-2-Legislative-B-review-pp.pptx :  The review power point that piggy backs the unit 2 test
Unit-3-study-guide-review.doc :  Unit 3 study guide to prepare for the test

Unit 4: Executive Branch :  Unit 4 complete notes
executive-branch-acrostic.docx : This fact finding activity is designed to introduce the students to the Executive Branch
If-I-were-President-paper.docx : The students are faced with the challenge of being the new president and will examine his duties
eb-window-pane-to-go-with-if-i-were-prez.docx :  This goes with the "if I were president" paper
The-Executive-Branch-Revised2summer-09.pptx : This is the complete power point for the unit and covers the entire branch
The-Executive-Branch-Foldable-2012.doc : This foldable will organize the basics of the Exe branch
Agencies-web-search-web-activity-revised.docx : Web based activity that involves researching agencies and cabinet of the Exe branch
Powers-and-Roles-of-the-President-Foldable.docx : The student will create a booklet that outlines the roles of the President
Executive-Branch-Review.doc: This will prepare the student for the Executive Branch test

Unit 5: Judicial Branch : these are the new updated (12) notes for the unit
master-notes-Judicial-Branch.doc: download these notes if you DO NOT have Microsoft publisher.  Everything you need to know about the Jucicial Branch
Powers-and-Jurisdiction-Foldable.doc: 1st Judicial Branch foldable
The-Judicial-Branch-current-version.pptx: The complete power point for the Judicial Branch unit
JUDICIAL-BRANCH-ACROSTIC.doc: This is an introduction to the Judicial Branch
Lesson-Quizzes.doc : This is a review activity to go over after each section. Completion is due at the end of the unit
Federal-Court-Systems-Flip-Chart.doc : This flip chart organizes the Federal Court system
Supreme-Court.doc : This worksheet is an activity that allows the student to read about the SC and answer the prompts
Arrest-to-Sentencing-Questions.doc : This worksheet details the steps from arrest to sentencing in the U.S. court system
Civil-or-Criminal.docx : This is a fun activity that gives senerios that the student has to differentiate between criminal and civil
Civil-and-Criminal-Chart.doc : The student needs to decide whether the terms fall under criminal or civil law
Juvenile-News-Articles--stacy-cherry.doc news article about a pair of juvenile criminals
Unit-5-test-review.doc the test review for the Judicial Branch
Vocabulary-VIP.doc Vocabulary for unit 5: Judicial Branch....this is the "master" copy which is very useful with the study guide
Federal-court-systems-worksheet--instead-of-flip.docx :  Federal Court systems worksheet
 booklet-procedures-for-a-criminal-case-brochure.docx :  complete information for the procedures booklet
Juvenile-Justice-lesson-packet.docx :  This packet covers the Juvenile justice system with some interesting questions to ponder
 Court-scenerio-worksheet.docx :  The student will look at the scenerio's a choose the appropriate court


Unit 6: People and Politics
gifted-project-for-people-and-politics1.doc The following two activities are for my 3b class only. This will be a class "project"
Chapter-10-section-1-intro.doc : This worksheet covers some of the essentials for this unit
people-and-politics-acrostic.doc : This is an introduction to the new unit designed to get the students familiar with the material
Unit-6-people-and-politics.ppt: Complete power point overview of the People and Politics unit all the notes for Unit 6
People-and-Politics-vocab.ppt : This power point goes over the key terms of the unit
Vocabulary-VIP.doc Blank vocab sheet for unit 6
Does-your-vote-count.docx This is a podcast from about voting and the electoral college
Functions-of-Political-Parties-Scenarios.doc : This worksheet allows the student to decipher senerios that deal with Repub/democrat
Review--New-Voter-Pamphlet1.doc : This assignment is a quiz grade for my B1 class. Voter incentive ad
Review-Activity-booklet.docx : This comprehensive activity sums up the unit via poster or booklet
unit-6-Voki-Project-on-propaganda.docx : creating avatars to voice the different propaganda tecniques.
Joseph-Kony-2012-Campaign-worksheet.doc:  This activity examines the workings of an interest group. 
Unit-6-Homework-1-voting.docx :  work focusing on voting and interest groups
Unit-6-Homework-2-political-parties.docx :  work focusing on the differences within the parties
unit-6-homework-3-media-and-propaganda.docx :  work focusing on the media and propaganda
Media-Propaganda-and-Campaign-finance-reform-Foldable.doc :  foldable that focuses on media, CFR and propaganda
unit-6-pp-notebook-quiz.docx:  notebook quiz for the unit....have all  your notes!
study-guide-2012.doc :  study guide to prepare the students for the upcoming test
Unit 7A: Economic Systems This is the complete notes for Economic 7A.  Must have Microsoft publisher to access
7A-Acrostic.docx : introduction to Economics with this acrostic titled: Economic Systems
Unit-7a-Economics--vocabulary.ppt The units vocab in a visual powerpoint
UNIT-POWER-POINT-7A-Economics.ppt The complete powerpoint for economics 1 in a detailed and visual powerpoint presentation.
7a-Economics-complete-notes.docx : Why copy the notes in class when you can download them here...
Circular-Flow-Worksheet.doc : Everything you need to know about circular flow of economics
Circular-flow-short-story.doc : Your task is to walk the steps of a dollar bill in our economy
want-v.-need-paper.docx : The task is that you stuck on the "Cast Away" Island for an extended period of time. What do you bring and why?
window-pane-economics.doc: four corners of economic fun!
Economic-7a-joint-flip-chart-on-economies-and-business.docx : this is a flipbook that covers the different types of economies and business ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Unit 7B:  Economics :  complete notes for Economics 7b/c.  You must have the publisher program to use this file.
Career-Planning.doc:  notes that coorespond with the career planning activity
Economics-7b-revised.ppt: complete power point for the unit 
create-a-map.docx :  The class is given the task of creating their own servicable town
Banks-and-Banking-and-saving-Questions.doc :  questions pertaining to the banking system
banks-flipbook.doc :  focusing on the different types of banks
Banks-and-Banking-RC.doc : Guide to all things banking
Role-of-Gvt-2.doc  The role of the Government in regulating the economy notes
Role-of-the-government-window-pane.docx : window pane activity
Homework1unit7b.doc :  worksheet covering public goods and services
business-cycle-characteristics.docx :  Explaning each stage of the business cycle
business-plan-2013.docx :  business plan project
Role-of-Gvt-2-revised-2013-master.doc Notes on the 4 roles of the government
The-role-of-the-gov-in-regulating-the-economy-cutout-2013.docx cutout activity
FTC-and-Regulating-competition-student-packet-2013.docx  FTC overview and questions

Unit 8 State and Local Politics
Virginia-State-Government-Flipchart.docx Flipchart for the unit
Power-point-notes-2013-key.docx complete notes for Unit 8 state and local politics
unit-8-state-and-local-overview-worksheet.docx worksheet that reflects the notes given
Unit-8-Identify-It.docx :  The student will seperate the different state, local and federal terms
Levels-of-Government-section-box-activity.docx Students will diferentiate between state, local and federal
Levels-of-Government-sorting-activity.docx Students will sort terms in the appropriate box
Unit-8-flipbook-with-notes.doc Unit overview with flipbook instructions

Review-SOL-Book.docxThis is the final SOL review activity that we do in class.  It is worth two test grades and encompasses the entire year of work.  You may use any old work given back to you in your project.  Simply cut and paste into the pages.  I expect each page to have the question written out completly with the anwers in complete sentence form.  One picture should be on each page.
Civics-Cheat-Sheet-sol.pdf :  This is a cheat sheet that covers everything that you need to know.  Download and study!