Civics Notes and downloadable worksheets

Unit 1- "We the People":  A Government of the Citizens
unit-1-publisher.pdf - complete notes for Unit 1
Unit-1.pdf -  Power point for Unit 1

Unit 2: The Supreme Law of the Land
unit-2-publisher-notes.pdf :  complete notes for Unit 2
Unit-2-powerpoint-2013.pdf :  Power Point for Unit 2
exercising-the-goals-of-the-preamble-2014.pdf :  Tell which goal of the preamble is met with each question
modern-preamble-2013.pdf :  Rewrite the preamble in a way that a modern audience could easilly understand
Preamble-booklet.pdf :  compile the goals of the preamble in a booklet
Seperation-of-Powers-and-Federalism-flip-2014.pdf :  Duel flipbook on Seperation of Powers/Federalism
Unit-2-checks-and-balances-in-action.pdf  :  chart that shows checks and balances in action
OUTLINING-THE-CONSTITUTION.pdf :  pair up with a partner and outline the Constitution
Unit-2-Amendment-Poster-Explanation-2014.pdf :  extra credit activity where you explain an amendment
Unit-2-open-notes-quiz-and-review-worksheet.pdf :  open notes quiz and review for Unit 2
Unit-2-Study-Guide.pdf :  Study Guide for Unit 2-students who complete may use for 15 minutes during test

Unit 3: The Legislative Branch- The Lawmakers
unit-3-legislative-branch-pub-notes.pdf  :  Complete notes for Unit 3
Unit-3-leislative-branch-pp2013.pdf :  Power Point for Unit 3

Unit 4:  The Executive Branch-  The Glorious Burden
Publisher-notes-for-unit-4.pdf :  Complete notes for Unit 4
The-Executive-Branch-Revised2summer-09.pdf  Power Point for Unit 4

Unit 5:  The Judicial Branch- Analyzing the Consitution
The-Judicial-Branch-current-version.pdf : 

Unit 6: People and Politics- Using our Voice
People-and-Politics-publisher-notes.pdf :  Complete notes for Unit 6

Unit 7A:  Economics 1
Economics-publisher-notes.pdf :  Complete notes for Unit 7A
UNIT-POWER-POINT-7A-Economics.pdf :  Power Point for 7A

Unit 7B:  Economics 2 :  Complete notes for 7A
Economics-7b-revised.pdf :  Power Point for 7A