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Course Info.--Pre-AP Spanish

Syllabus for Pre-AP Spanish
El Sr. Jenkins
Classroom: Room 338
Office:  Room 331
Office Hours:  Available Upon Request and by Appointment
Phone: 354-6800 X3311 or
Email:  bjenkins@gsgis.k12.va.us

Course Description, Objectives and Goals:

The prerequisite for this course is a grade of A or B+ in Spanish III or
teacher recommendation.  This course is the first in a 2-year sequence
designed for advanced placement or advanced preparation in Spanish.  It
provides a smooth transition from a general language acquisition and
comprehension-based program to a course stressing language production in
Spanish.  Students read, summarize, analyze and discuss authentic selections,
mimic native pronunciation, discuss current events and other cultural topics.
Pre-AP Spanish requires advanced levels of grammatical accuracy and
vocabulary.  The goal of this course, conducted entirely in Spanish, is to
expand the knowledge of the Spanish language and culture and to practice the
skills and strategies necessary to perform successfully on the AP Spanish
Language and Culture Exam.  


1.  Triángulo Aprobado workbook, 5th edition, Wayside Publishing, 2013, 
    (not required for purchase this year, but will be used as class 
2.  Una vez más – un repaso completo de gramática avanzada, 3rd edition,
    Pearson, 2009, (workbook fee). 
Other references used in class:
3.  Horizontes:  Gramática y conversación, 4th edition, Heinle &Heinle, 2003.
4.  Tertulia , 2nd edition, Thomson/Heinle, 2001.
5.  Abriendo Puertas –Tomo I & II – Antología de literatura en español,
    Nextext, McDougal Litell Inc.,2003
6.  El cuento hispánico – A graded Literary Anthology, 6th edition,
    McGraw-Hill, 2004.
7.  Abriendo Paso, Revised edition, Pearson, 2005.
8.  Vistas – Introducción a la lengua española, 5th edition, Vistas Higher
    Learning, 2016.
9.  Conversation in Spanish-Points of Departure, 6th edition, Heinle &
    Heinle, 2001.
10. 5 Steps to a 5:  AP Spanish Language, 2008-2009, McGraw Hill, 2008.
11. Literatura y Arte – 5th/8th editions, Heinle & Heinle, 2004.

Class webpage:  http://TeacherWeb.com/VA/MLWGS/JENKINS/, also linked to
school’s homepage and its Learning site

Major Themes:

1.  Contemporary Life
2.  Family and Community
3.  Global Challenges
4.  Personal and Public Identities
5.  Science and Technology
6.  The Arts

Major Topics:

1.  Vocabulary:  The six themes of the Triángulo Aprobado Workbook will be
covered, with supplements from Horizontes.
2.  Grammar:  All indicative and subjunctive moods are reviewed and expanded,
plus all other topics discussed in Una vez más and Triángulo Aprobado.   Many
exercises will relate to the new format of the AP exam.   
3.  Culture:  Current events, music, art, festivities, food and customs of   
Spain, Latin America and Central America are discussed.  Also, the six major
themes of the new AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam will be introduced: 
Global Challenges, Science and Technology, Contemporary Life, Personal and
Public Identities, Families and Communities, Beauty and Aesthetics.
4.  Literature:  Students will read examples of poetry and literature from
representative Spanish and Latin American authors.

Assessment/Evaluation Procedures:

50% TESTS – At least 2 per nine weeks, (essays and major projects can be
assigned the value of a test)
30% OTHER WRITTEN EXPRESSION – Quizzes, compositions, essays, listening
comprehension, small projects, written work on oral presentations, graded
homework, etc.
10% ORAL PARTICIPATION/PROFICIENCY – Daily participation, recorded activities,
directed response, presentations, debates, etc.  A weekly oral participation
grade will be given.  Speaking English in class is an automatic deduction
from your oral grade.
10% HOMEWORK – Text and workbook exercises, handouts, etc.  Late homework is
not accepted and must be completed prior to class arrival.

MLWGS Honors Grading Scale

100-97	A+
96-93	A
92-88	B+
87-85	B
84-81	C+
80-77	C
76-73	D+
72-70	D
69-0	F

Classroom Expectations:

1.  Maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect between teacher and student
including respect for the thoughts, opinions and property of others.  All
students will follow the MLWGS student handbook and conduct guides.
2.  Speak Spanish at all times.  Failure to do so will result in a lowered
participation grade.
3.  Arrive prepared for class, ready to participate, notebooks and textbooks
opened with homework completed prior to the start of class.  Tardiness is not
4.  Make up missed worked promptly.  The webpage is updated weekly.  In case
of absence, check the webpage for all missed assignments or communicate with
me via email.  Students are expected to take announced quizzes and tests if
they are absent the day preceding the quiz/test.
5.  Students are not permitted to use the restroom during the first 10 minutes
of class or the last 10 minutes.  
6.  Clean up table and surrounding area at the end of each class.  
7.  Students should not hesitate to seek additional assistance when needed.

Materials needed: 

1.  Necessary daily items; pen/pencil, paper
2.  3-ring binder with multiple tabs dedicated for Pre-AP
3.  Optional – Personal cassette voice recorder, approximate cost $20. 
Smartphones with the capability to record your voice are allowed.
4.  National Spanish Exam Fee of $6 – This will be collected at a later date.
5.  Index cards for personal vocabulary flash cards or a smart phone with a
flashcard App.  
6.  A good Spanish/English dictionary is always nice to have, but online
dictionaries are now more commonly used.

Technical Translators – Using an online translator or App to manipulate text
into the Spanish language - be it a sentence, paragraph or essay - is
considered an honor code violation in this class unless specific permission
has been granted otherwise by the teacher.  Online dictionaries such as
wordreference.com are permissible.  Any suspected violation will be referred
to the Honor Council.  

I look forward to a very exciting and rewarding year!             Sr. Jenkins

Please sign the agreement and return by the next class.

Pre–AP Spanish 2016-2017 							

“We have read and understood the syllabus.”
Student pledge:


Parent pledge:


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