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SOL Practice

This is a FINAL test grade for the Reading SOL Unit.
May 2 Practice

Click on the Reading EOC test. We will do this together.  If you 
are not here, you MUST do this practice before the SOL.  It is 
May 3 Practice

April 27 Practice

You will need to watch the lessons for Mood and Tone, Main Idea, 
and Research.  Once you are finished, you should click on the 
button and take the graded quiz.  (If you want to - before you 
take the graded quiz, you can take the review quiz.) If you are 
class, call me over to see your grade.  If you are absent this 
day, you will need to print your results.  Remember all Reading 
SOL work must be turned in by Friday, April 27th in order to 
April 25 SOL Practice

April 18 Practice test

4/20 SOL practice

Practice Test 4/13

This is a practice for the field test that we will take after the 
actual test.
SOL Practice for 1/31

For 11th graders - if you are absent on the day the PowerPoint is 
covered, you will need to view it and take notes!  This is your 
responsibility!  Make sure you are keeping up! 
For 12th graders - use these when writing papers.  Your grammar 
does count!
Grammar Power Points - these are the ones we use in class!  

These are FUN games - click and explore.  The more practice you 
get, the better you will do on the SOL.

12th graders - even though this is not for extra credit, it is 
Grammar games link for extra points (11th grade only)

SOL Apostrophe work 2/15

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