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Canterbury Tales Research Essay - Optional assignment

Canterbury Tales Prologue Research Essay

You will write a well-developed essay following the assertion, evidence, commentary model responding to 
the following prompt:

Which pilgrims are most like by Chaucer the narrator, which pilgrims are least liked?  How does Chaucer 
present this information and let the reader know his thoughts.  This is essentially a character analysis.

You will need to use the book as well as secondary sources from approved databases.  This should be 
critical analysis writings of The Canterbury Tales.  I have provided two links that will work and have copies 
of other sources in class.  

This should be in MLA format.  The paper is due January 17th or 18th.  No late work will be accepted.  This 
is an optional assignment.  If you chose to do it, the grade will count as an essay grade.  If you chose not to 
do this assignment, it will not help you or hurt you.  

Papers must have a Works Cited page or the paper will be given the grade of zero.  Sources must also be 
cited in the paper, or it will be given a zero.  Because of time constraints, there will be no re-writes of this 

Make sure to document in MLA format
Analysis of the Pilgrims

Make sure to document in MLA format
Analysis of each Pilgrim
*I have other resources in class if you want to come and ask.  This paper is due January 17 or 18, 2017 - 
NO LATE WORK will be taken!  This will be graded using the same rubric as the research paper.


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