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AP European History

April 2nd-May1st

1. You should read the appropriate sections in Palmer and Colton that correspond with the outline below.

2. Outlined below are the subjects we will cover during this time period.

I. The Diplomacy and Foreign Policy of the Major Powers in Europe ( 1890-1914)
    A. British Neutrality
    B. French Rapprochment with Russia
    C. Germany and Austria ( The Triple Alliance)
II. The Balkans
    A. Serbia
    B. Pan-Slavism
    C. The Independence Movement
    D. Serbia and Russia

III. The Road to War
    A. Germany vs France and England
    B. Austria's Issues in the Balkans
    C. Belgium and Neutrality
    D. Russia joins France and Great Britain in The Triple Entente
    E. August 1914 and the Events.

IV. German Aggression
   A. The 'Green Light' to Austria
   B. The Schleffin Plan
   C. Germany and Russia
   D. German Misconceptions

V. The Russian Revolution
   A.Tsar Nicholas II
   B. Russia at the Turn of thee Century
   C. Lenin and the Bolsheviks
   D. The Abdication and the Provisional Government
   E. October Socialist Revolution
   F. Russia Leaves the War- No Peace, No War

VI. Stalemate on All Fronts
   A. Entrance of the United States Into the War
   B. The End of the War
   C Versailles and the 'New' Europe.
   D. New Alliances

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