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AP European History

September 2nd-15th

1. Your text for the class is A History of the Modern World. It was written by two of the most recognized professors in the field of modern European history. Robert Roswell Palmer ( Princeton) and Joel Colton (Duke). Both of these men
achieved many awards, were outstanding teachers and published books related to every major subject in Europe between 1500 and World War II. Please read the book!

2. You will receive on a cycle, sometimes weekly, basis a list of important facts, terms, events, dates, etc. that you will need for the course.

3. You will also receive the current reading assignments that parallel what we are studying.

4. Pay attention in class. PVI schedule changes, inclement weather and other factors beyond our control will cause changes to take place. What I tell you in class will  ALWAYS take precedence over what is on your handout/website.


At this point you should have the following handouts-

1. Terms, Names, etc. for the Renaissance

2. Writing excerpts from major Renaissance writers- Castiglione, Machiavelli, Erasmus and St Thomas More

3. Handout on Martin Luther and his Address to the Christian Nobility  

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