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AP European History

March 1st -Easter Vacation

First, We are in no trouble regarding the weather/lost days. Your class is right on schedule, maybe a little ahead.

Secondly, There is still a lot to accomplish. It will be outlined below.

Finally, the Marx/Communism was, well, a disaster. It is imperative that you demonstrate an ability to take unfamiliar information, analyze this information, form a thesis and demonstrate sound observations. The DBQ is a MAJOR part of the AP Exam and if you plan on getting a 3, 4 or 5 you have to do better.
I am not counting the Marx exercise. It will be returned to you Wednesday. If it had been counted many of you would be very sad regarding your 'interim' grade.

There will be NO MORE 'makeups', 'do overs', 'second tries '.  If you are not going to pay attention, do some work on your own and/or study then what you see is what you will get. Sorry, but this is AP and you asked for it.

19th Century-
1. Russia
a. Nicholas I and Official Nationality
b. Alexander II Tsar Liberator and Serfdom
c. Narod y Volia and Zemlia y Volia
d. The revolutionary period and it's leaders
e. Lenin, Trotsky and other figures of the revolutionary movement
f. Tsar Nicholas II
g. Constitution, Duma, War and abdication

1. British and French interests
2. Germany begins to compete/threaten balance of power
3. Balkan Wars
4. Hapsburg Empire in Central Europe
5. Issues, problems and concerns over colonies, diplomacy and annexations
6. Assassination of Grand Duke Ferdinand
7. The Road to War

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