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AP European History

October 21st- November 15th

1. On Tuesday October 21st you will have a test on Europe during the Thirty Years War ( 1618-1648).
You should focus on a. The Causes of the War
                                  b. The Positions of the Countries Involved
                                  c. The Diplomacy
                                  d. The Stages ( Four)
                                  e. Richelieu
                                  f. Sweden's Role
                                  g. The Peace of Westphalia
                                  h. Europe After the War

2. On Wednesday October 22nd you will receive a handout for Europe during the Seventeenth Century.

3. We will begin the period of Royal Absolutism
This will include:
a. England Under the Stuart Kings
b. The English Revolution ( Civil War)
c. Louis XIV and France
d. The Rise of Brandenburg Prussia
c. Peter the Great and Russia
d. Beginnings of Empire and the Anglo-Dutch Wars
I will provide you numerous handouts, with documents, on the political, social, economic and diplomatic changes that occur during this period.  

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