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AP Comparative Government

November 12th- First Semester Exams

1. Russia Completed. Test of Friday. ( Nov. 15th) Usual format as were EU and Great Britain tests.

2. Time to think about First Semester Exams. DO NOT ask me for a 'review packet.' You have been given numerous handouts, your tests AND detailed answers for the tests. Be big, be smart. You CAN do it.

3. Exam will cover Great Britain, European Union and Russia.

4. There will be a TEST on China ( same format as always) during the week we return from THanksgiving. IT WILL NOT be on the Monday of our return. I will give you the day on Friday or Monday before vacation.

5. Please use the 'study guide' I gave you to prepare for the next test. If you follow the 'guide' I think some of you will see vast improvement.

6. Like the 'study guide' says, start to review NOW for the exam. You CANNOT re-learn Great Britain, The European Union and Russia/Soviet Union in ONE night.

7. If you have questions/issues now is the time. DO NOT wait until after the fact. Fairness DOES NOT dictate 'do overs.'

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