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AP Comparative Government

March 1st-March 31st/Easter Break

1. O.K. Here it is- How many missed days? How many late openings? How many Rinky Dinky School Days? Who knows? Who cares?

2. FWIW to you- At this point we are RIGHT on schedule and maybe a bit ahead. ( Been here before). By the time Easter Vacation is over we WILL be ready for review.

3. Now, what this means is YOU must do a certain amount of work INDEPENDENTLY. There is no room for 2nd tries, do-overs,etc. From now on it must be 'what you see (in this case do) is what you get'.

4. Next week- either Tuesday or Wednesday- there will be a test on Mexico. You have text(s), handouts, notes. The test will be the usual format. Identifications, short answer and an essay. Answers will be provided as you exit.

5. When we are finished you will receive the 'Know Mexico' handout.

6. If you are inclined to do so move ahead to Nigeria. Some interesting developments there in recent times. Also, check Russia, China and Iran. AP folks like 'up to date' knowledge and there is plenty to read/study in the news.

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