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AP Comparative Government

April 13th- AP Exam

1. At this point you have covered the governments and politics of Great Britain, The European Union, Russia, China, Mexico, Iran and Nigeria. These are the countries you will be tested on for the Advanced Placement Exam.

2. You have received a 'handout' for each of these countries as well as a list of people, terms, events etc.

3.For the remaining time we will review.

4. At this point you have a matrix due which shows your knowledge of the comparative legislatures, executive branches and the judiciaries of the seven countries.

5. Each day I will provide you with ten review questions. While some or all of these questions may not  be on this years exam the  material they cover WILL be.

6. My expectation is for you to find the answers and be prepared to answer them in class. Since there is no more NEW material to cover I will, from time to time, test you and THE GRADES WILL COUNT.

7. WIth regard to a 'Final Exam.' it is my choice whether you have one or not. Let's just be real clear. Work hard, prepare for the exam and life is a breeze. Do it not, as the Scots say, and you will not be happy. Let's don't let it come to that.

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