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Frequently asked questions

 I.  How will my grade be determined for AP European History?
During each quarter you will have Two (2) Assessments. One of these will be multiple choice and will count sixty per cent  (60%)  of your quarterly grade. You will also have One,   in class, ESSAY that will count forty per cent (40%) of your quarterly grade.

II. How will my grade be determined in AP Comparative Government?
During each quarter you will have TWO Assessments. They will  EACH count fifty per cent (50%) of your quarterly gra

III. Late Work/Assignments:
All work is due on the assigned date. Assignments are given well in advance. In most cases the assignments for the next week and further, are posted on the web site during the weekend. Any work not turned in after two days will become a ZERO. Work turned in one or two days late will be graded down ONE letter grade for each day it is late.
I am always at school by 6:30 AM and will be here until 3:15PM. If there is a problem with an assignment please see me in ADVANCE. Obviously, there are extended illnesses, family issues, funerals etc. Allowances will certainly be made in these cases.

IV. Extra Credit:

You do not have the time and I do not have the inclination.
Simply put there is NO extra credit. If you pay attention, due your assignments and are prepared on time there is no need. Moreover, I will not and cannot, in fairness to other students, accept some 'rush job' or 'google search' to make up for the  assigned work that should have been done properly.

V. Honesty:
I have a very low tolerance for Academic Theft. For someone to have their work used without giving them credit is stealing. I will go over, in class, with you how to handle quotes, citations, etc. It is not comlicated. If you 'mess it up' we'll fix it. If you pass it off as your own you will receive a ZERO. Just do your best and everything will be OK. An old friend of mine who was a Circuit Court Judge for over thirty years used to say," well, you only have your good name once. You want people to like the name you have."

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