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NAME: Mr. J. Richard Taylor

SCHOOL: Paul VI Catholic High School

CLASS: AP European History and AP Comparative Government and Politics

SCHOOL PHONE: 703-352-0925

About The Teacher

Mr. Taylor attended the University of Richmond, and Graduate School at 
Georgetown University. He has taught at Paul VI since it opened in l983.
Mr. Taylor has taught just about every course, at every level, in the Social 
Studies Department.
Mr. Taylor has coached many teams at Paul VI as both an assistant and head 
Mr. Taylor is also very lucky to be the husband of Carol and the VERY PROUD 
father of son, Drew.

Mission For The Class

In today's world it is not nearly enough to know where you are, but where 
you came from. This might help you understand where you are going. Far to 
many people have little knowledge regarding the customs, traditions, 
religions, politics, economics and social heritage of their nation. 
This year we will study the development of ideas 
regarding social,religious,economic,political and cultural institutions from 
that led to development of our government and history.
Students will be challenged to ask questions, formulate theories,and try to 
solve questions regarding the American experience.
We will ask the "old fashioned" questions-Who,What,When,Where, and Why. We 
will also ask "How" could it change, be different, and most 
importantly,"how" does it affect you?
We will read, analyze, write, discuss, and maybe avoid the mistakes made by 
When founding the University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson said, "For here 
we are not afraid to follow the truth, where ever it may lead, nor tolerate 
any error, so long as reason is left to combat it".
We shall try to do the same.

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