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Herzlich Willkommen liebe SchülerInnen, Eltern und Gäste!
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Was gibt's?

Liebe SchülerInnen: 


Come help us plan our fall hike and pick a mate for the Kinderschokoladenmann at the next German club meeting on Thursday November 17th in Frau's room (110) from 3:00-3:30, all while munching on German cookies.
See you ther

HOMEWORK---for a description of your homework click on your class at left.  Grades for selected work will be posted in PantherNet. Stay on your toes! Be consistent in and out of class, so that you don't miss out on opportunities to earn points.

ONLINE-GRADE--- .  Only "M" grades may be handed in for credit.  If you have late work or failed to turn in a homework or in-class correction, please arrange for "Frau time" after school or if necessary arrange another time with me. You will have to demonstrate your understanding of the content, in order to receive credit.

Were you absent from class and/or have work missing? Arrange for a day after school, during study hall or before school (if no other available option) to make up tests, quizzes or other work.

Give or receive help with your German lessons. If you would like to meet with a peer tutor regularly, please let me know.  Help is available almost every afternoon and most likely during your study hall or before school. Just let me know and sign up on the small board by the door. 

Would you like the opportunity to host a German student for four weeks in
spring and/or visit that or another German student for four weeks in summer?
Ask me for information.

SUMMER TRIP 2017: If you are in or above level 3 or a senior in the lower levels AND in good standings you qualify to travel with us. Email invitations will begin at the end of August 2016. Start feeding your piggy bank!

Frau Joyner

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