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Freshman, Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Lives! Make it Count!
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Welcome to Freshman Health

Health Class REMINDERS:

IN CLASS--> Nutrition
UPCOMING TEST(s)--> Nutrition: 6/6 (all classes), 6/7 (1st pd)
Next TOB Day--> Girls: 5/26/17 Boys: 6/2/17 

This Quarter, You will learn about the Body, as a machine.  The Body will be broken down into Systems, in which we will learn: the Organs involved; How they work; Why we need them; the Maintenance involved; as well as the Injuries & Illnesses that can affect them. You will participate in PE in the 2nd Quarter.  I will see you again in the 3rd Quarter, and you will return to PE in the 4th Quarter.


Health/ PE Set Up
Plainly speaking, we alternate Quarters of Health & PE.
If you have Health in the 2nd Quarter, You will have PE again in the 3rd Quarter; You will have Health again in the 4th Quarter.
Mrs. Karas: 9th gr. HEALTH/  Mr. Frank: 9th gr. PE

Quarter Grading in Health:
40% Participation "Effort"
40% Unit Tests
20% Projects

Semester Grading in Health/ PE:
40% 1st Quarter Grade
40% 2nd Quarter Grade
20% Theology of the Body (in place of Midterm Exam)

Please Note: One's Theology of the Body Grade for the Semester will be found in the Semester Exam Column of your First Semester & End of Year Report Cards. 


Folks!  Its that time again-- Teacher Evaluations!  Please click on the link  and complete!

In the 1st Quarter of Freshman Year, you have become a bit more acclimated to PVI.  However, it is important, now that you are starting the 2nd Quarter with Health Class, that you are responsible for yourself.  You will be held accountable!  In order to achieve this, you will need to check the Health Website on the Daily basis as I may have announcements, Homework assignments, etc. that I do not announce in/ during class.

So lets make this easy for you, we are going to put a shortcut to this website on your desktop, so with a click of your mouse-- PRESTO!  You will have access to this website!

1.  Reduce the size of the open website by clicking on the middle icon in 
    the top, right corner of your screen:  
_   []   X.
2. Click and Drag the icon in the address field that is directly in front of 
    the 'teacherweb.com/VA/PaulVIHighSchool...' address 
    (it is the letter 
inside of a circle) to your desktop.
3. Close out of the internet
4. Right click on the new icon on your desktop that says "PVI's Freshm..." 
    and rename it 'Karas Health,' hit enter.
5. Now test the shortcut to make sure it works!

Today, after you finish making the shortcut,   
Using the rest of the time you have in class, Go to the PROJECT REMINDERS SECTION and complete Project Assignment 1.

For Homework, Read through this website and familiarize yourself with my class policies.
Thank you!

 Bring Print Out of your Letter to the CDC & Highlighters to class tomorrow!  Boys!  You have TOB tomorrow, Please bring these things to class with you on Thursday!

The last day of the first quarter will be November 29!
Please Locate your PE Uniform (sneakers, PVI PE shorts, PVI PE tee shirt, lock, deodorant, wipes, etc.)!  The First Day of PE (2nd quarter) will be Monday, November 2nd!!  You will report to the locker room before the bell rings on Monday, Nov. 2 for PE Class!!!


Please Note!  PE will start for the Second Quarter on Friday, 11/1/13. Please bring a school lock, your PE Uniform, sneakers, deodorant, an extra pair of socks, comb, etc.  with you to the appropriate locker room when you report for class on Friday.

PROJECT UPDATE---Wednesday, 10/30:
All rubrics should have been handed in by the end of school, yesterday, 10/29/13.
If I do not have a rubric for a student and it was your responsibility to grade that student- points will be deducted from your grade and my rubric will count twice (for myself, and for the student who is missing a peer evaluation from you.)
 have been invited to Karas 13-14 Class Wiki through our 
                     pvipanther.net account

Please Remember to check the Homework Section of the Website on the Daily Basis.

Monday, 10/28:
I understand that there have been questions about viewing  & grading projects.  There is a rubric that should be printed out in the handout section of this website.  Go to
www.pbworks.com, click on 1st & 3rd quarter students, click on your class and then click on the outbreak link next to the students that you are to grade. Peer Evaluation assignments are posted on my classroom door. You will have to download their project to view it.  Please, be positive and make comments in the space provided on the rubric.  If there is a missing link, speak with the student and have them link their project. 

Do not stress.  I will hopefully be in tomorrow to answer any questions you may have.  I promise it will all work out!
Thanks for your patience.
Mrs. Karas

Upload and Link the "wmv" version of your Outbreak Project to Karas 13-14 Class Wiki by 8:00 p.m. on 10/22/13. (Directions are found, step by step, in the Handout Section!)

You will have until the 10/27/13 to Review and Assess your Peer's Projects.
Peer Evaluation Assignments are posted on my classroom door this week.

I will collect your Completed Self-Evaluation & (3) Peer-Evaluation Rubrics--Total: 4 Rubrics-- on Monday, October 28th, first thing, in class!

The Project Assignments are detailed in the Project Reminder Section of the Website.
                  *Our Projects are progressing as we should all have 
                     completed Project Assignments 1,2,&3.
                  *We have found our 12 pictures that illustrate our speech!  
                  *We have documented the sources of our pictures in MLA
                  *We have watched the Tutorial on How to use the 
                     Photostory 3 program.
                  *We have begun to upload our pictures into Photostory & 
                     put them in order.
                  *We are currently matching our pictures with the 
                     corresponding portion of the script.
                  * We have recorded our script & previewed the final project.
                  * We have saved the project as "last name-p-class-Outbreak"
                     and converted our "wp3" to a "wmv"

Project Assignment #4 has been posted!
Please check out the Project Reminder Section for the detailed assignment!  
Final Digital Poster due- at the beginning of class- Monday, June 1, 2015--whether you have Health Class that day or you Drop (by 2:50 p.m.) to your class Wiki.


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