Welcome back to the 2015--2016 school year.  Please take a few minutes 
to become familiar with this website.  My hope is that it will lead to 
greater communication among us.  The best way to contact me is through e-
mail by clicking the mailbox above. 
        Homework for all my classes will be posted and updated daily.  I will 
also post upcoming tests/quizzes on my website. During any absence, students 
will be expected to look up their missing assignments here. I will also post 
a copy of the long range assignments for each chapter.  These are tentative, 
so refer to the daily homework site for accuracy.  Occasionally, worksheets 
or other handouts will be provided on the website.
        Policy sheets are available here for each subject and will also be 
kept in the student’s notebook.  Also included are notebook requirements and 
supply lists.
        An important tool is a website for homework help.    AB and BC 
Calculus students can use It is very important to seek extra help 
before you fall behind in math.  I will be available after school from 2:55 pm until 
3:30 pm in Room 132 on ‘P’, ‘A’, and ‘S’ days.  I will also be available at 7:10 am 
on ‘A’, ‘N’, and  ‘T’ days.  (Please let me know ahead of time if you are coming.  I 
may have a faculty meeting or other appointment scheduled.)  I will not be available 
before or after school on Fridays or early dismissal days.  Occasionally, I will 
schedule special review times for Calculus students only.

     Success in high school math requires a commitment of time and effort 
plus a willingness to struggle!!!

    Remember what you are is God's gift to you.  What you become is your gift 
to God.