SMCA 2016 Dress Code Policy

                                                     2016 School Dress Code

The basic guidelines for school apparel are modesty and neatness. The dress code attempts to create an atmosphere most conducive to sound educational practices and mature grooming. Regarding modesty, Timothy admonishes women “to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and befits a woman making a claim to godliness.” (I Timothy 2:9-10) This indicates that we are to reflect Christ and draw attention to Him rather than to ourselves. Our moderation and humility in dress, as part of our behavior, brings glory to God.  

 The official colors of SMCA are navy and yellow. Uniforms are required of all students.

            Uniforms for girls shall consist of:

·    Solid navy jumpers, skirts, skorts, or pants

·    Solid yellow blouse          

     Solid yellow or navy knit shirt

·    Shoes or sneakers  (without heels)

·    Solid navy, yellow, or white tights or socks (no prints)

·    Solid navy cross tie (wearing of this item is optional)

·    Solid navy cardigan sweater  or a sweater/hoodie with SMCA school logo only


            Uniforms for boys shall consist of:

·    Solid navy pants with a belt

·    Solid yellow or navy knit shirt

·    Shoes or sneakers

·    Solid navy or white socks

·    Solid navy cardigan sweater or pullover sweater or hoodie with SMCA school    logo only

         Boys may not wear earrings.

           The following items are unacceptable for boys to wear to school:

                 Earrings, jewelry, or piercings

                 Pants without a belt (except K-3)