Parents, please be sure we have all updated email addresses and telephone numbers for you so that you can be reached in the event of an emergency or school closing.

In the event of inclement weather normally we follow Portsmouth Public Schools.  The Headmaster, Bishop Curtis E. Edmonds, Sr. and the Principal will closely follow the weather forecasts.  Once a decision has been made I will send out a SchoolMessenger message to parents by telephone, and email notice from, and also update the website.  We will also contact WAVY News (10) and WVEC News (13) and WTKR News (3) inform them that we are closed or on a delay.  This information should then be scrolling on the bottom of the screen on those stations.  It may take time for the information to be posted. Sometimes the information is posted on the station's websites prior to being seen on television.  You may go to the above listed  TV stations school closings websites and check there to see if we are closed or on a delay.  Here are the links for those websites:

Once we telephone the information to the TV station, we have no control over when it is put on the screen.

If we are on a one or two hour delay, that means that everything begins one or two hours earlier.  For example on a 2 hour delay, the school would open at 8:30 A.M. and classes would begin at 10:15 A.M.  Please be advised that breakfast is not served on days when school opens late

Below is the information found in the Parent Handbook concerning Emergencies and School Closings:


If Portsmouth Public Schools close due to inclement weather conditions such as snow, hurricane, flooding, etc., St Mark Christian Academy will close at the same time. Parents will be contacted of school closing through the SchoolMessenger notification system and local television channels WAVY (10), WVEC (13), and WTKR (3). Generally, the academy will follow the policy of Saint Mark Missionary Baptist Church regarding emergency evacuation during school hours. However, some events will be left to the discretion of the academy administrators. 


Should the Academy need to close in the middle of the day, the staff will attempt to reach the child’s parents first to arrange for pick-up. If the staff is unable to reach the parents, the person listed on the emergency contact form will be called until pick-up arrangements can be made.